Yes it’s *STILL* November….

Yes I’m still alive.. I haven’t forgotten that I have posts to write, and photo’s to sort out for said posts, but it’s still November.. and I’m on 32500 words!! And have NO idea quite what’s going on in my story, but that’s the way life goes. I had started off with the idea that I’d just write some silly paranormal romance. Nothing too complex. Wow that didn’t last at all, I suppose technically it still is a paranormal romance, but I’ve found that I’m being heavily influenced by Killerbyte and Terrorbyte, although my body count is no where near as high! (These books were written by my MIL, and while I will admit that thriller’s aren’t usually my genre of choice, these especially Terrorbyte are really good, and also rather heartbreaking!)

But I have high hopes that I’ll get to do something else this weekend, like play Fallout: New Vegas or Fable 3… I need a break from writing story and I’m sort of ahead ish. I just reckon I should have time at the weekend to do other things.Still just feel so busy right now, I have C’s birthday party to sort out, to which I’m planing to bake several cakes (not even sure I’ll have time), then the week after (or rather on the wed) is my company’s Christmas party, which is 1950s themed, so I need to find a 1950s dress. (I’ve actually wanted to get one of these for a while so I have no objection on that fact. I just don’t think I have the time to get one before said party!) Argggh!


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