Review: 10,000 BC

I’ve got several other posts that I need to write, except I’m caught up in the madness of NaNoWriMo and they would eat into my precious writing time. (Like this post is) In fact I’m barely able to do anything else this month, which I do find annoying, but as I’m at about 25000 words and am currently on target then I’m pleased with myself.

So we watched 10,000 BC on tv on Sunday. I didn’t bother going to see it in the cinema because to be honest it looked like crap, but there is never much else on on Sunday’s and I wanted to see just how crap it was. I will therefore admit to being pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t utterly utterly awful. I did quiet enjoy it. The basic plot is pretty simple and straightforward but it does work. Boy and Girl meet, Girl gets carted off by slavers, Boy attempts to rescue Girl. (Warning there are.. I suppose ‘spoilers’ ahead, but really it’s not that complex a movie)

However once the slavers turned up we did start to question a few things ( like riding horses, what appeared to be Iron weaponry, and also some rather elaborate ships. It wasn’t however until they got to ‘Egypt’ where there were lots of slaves building a pyramid(s). Then C was like ‘oohhh this works if you think of it as Hyborean age’ (I’m unsure if I spelt that right). Anyway yes we decided that if we considered this story fit in with Robert E Howard vision of the history of the world (ie. Conan, although this would have been set well before Conan himself was around) then, you could explain it. Although I’m not sure even that would explain how they seemed to manage to use Woolly Mammoths in Egypt.. Surely they’d have over heated and died? Or perhaps they weren’t quite woolly Mammoths.

We managed to enjoy the movie a bit more once we had decided that, and when the movie suggested that the bad guy was either an alien or from Atlantis or some sort of lizard man then we were like sure that works, because there is some seriously weird shit in Conan. So I must confess I was disappointed when at the end of the movie, the bad guy turned out to just be an old man. As I very much doubt that Hollywood even considered the whole, this could potentially fit into the world of Conan, and just wanted to make a ‘cool’ looking movie with mammoths.

So yes a silly, romp that, if you place it into a world that is not our actual reality could have potentialy worked. Still glad I didn’t spend money on going to see this.


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