So NaNoWriMo started last Monday and since then I have kind of been doing my best to write whenever I can, because I really did not want to fall behind. So far I’m on over 14,000 words which I am most imperssed it! I think thats possibly more then I’ve ever written for any story ever! I am however expecting that I’ll peak soon and then just run out of words, ideas and simply the willpower to keep writing. But we’ll see. I’ve got a lot of scenes I need to write, and I’ve only just started on the main stuff that’s going to happen in the book. Only I’ve just realised that I have an issue with time, specificly with figuring out when some events occur, and realising that I actually need to move the plot along faster (time wise) than I was planning. (Events should take place over a couple of days or so not weeks.) Which is giving me a little trouble in figuring out where some scenes that I really want to use are going to fall and making me a little hesitant to write them. Perhaps I should just write them and then once NaNo has finished get the big massing editing hat on and perhaps move scenes around, add scenes and re-write stuff…. Hmmmm.


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