So we’ve suspected that theres been a mouse in the house for a while. C saw it a while ago and those things that plug into the wall and are supposed to emit an ultrasonic wave were purchased. Supposidly they really annoy mice and stuff and make them want to stay where they are. Since that point, my brother has claimed to have seen it in his room (odd as his room is upstairs!) and twice I have been pretty sure I’ve seen something small and brown scutter away, but only as flashes out of the corner of my eyes. The first I went into the kitchen and I partially thought I’d kicked something, as something vanished under the dryer, except I’m pretty sure I didn’t kick anything. The second I was talking to my mum and stopped when it ran from behind a cupboard to under the stairs. My mum checked under there and there was no evidence of a mouse chewing anything. Also we hadn’t seen any mouse droppings.

Then last night I was asleep, C finally stopped playing Fable 3 (which partially woke me up) got up to get a drink and then suddenly I hear several sharp words, which I couldn’t quite make up, but I was pretty sure were something along the lines of ‘Mouse’. He then told me that the mouse was hiding behind the the rice cooker. I figured we should try and do something about it, although I wasn’t quite sure how we’d catch the thing, mice are damned quick. So in the kitchen I could see it’s tail behind the rice cooker, C handed me something to catch it with, I wanted to use an empty cake tin, but he thought that would be too big, I think what he handed me was too small. Either way it ended up not mattering, he moved the rice cooker and the mouse shot along the wall behind the sink, where I hadn’t a hope of being able to reach it. It then took sanctuary behind the knife block. I positioned myself again near to the oven as I was pretty sure it would go that way. C moved the block and sure enough it scuttled towards the oven. There is a gap between the oven and the work surfaces and I thought it might fall down between them. It flew over the first one and then at the back corner of the oven it ‘fell’ down the gap there. I let out a shriek at that and I will admit to jumping when I first saw it scuttle along. We went back to bed after that because really what else could we have done? The damn thing was back behind the oven.

What I find odd and rather annoying is how much seeing it run along really freaked me out. We used to have cats, and a fair few times they bought mice in, admittedly small mice that were probably still babies but still they were mice. I rescued one once from my cat tormenting it in the garden and once a poor baby mouse hid at the end of a wellington boot. It was quite funny watching my cat trying to fit down the boot to reach it, I pulled him (the cat) out of the boot and taking it outside tipped the poor mouse outside. I suppose both these times the poor thing was mostly frozen in fear, not scuttling along. But seriously why did this one freak me out? I think I shrieked because it did make me jump when it fell.

It’s not like I’m not used to things with tails like mice either, I used to have pet rats, and in fact I still want pet rats again, they are cute, intelligent and it’s really fun when they sit on your shoulder and wrap their tail around your neck. I never wanted pet mice though, I personally think their a little too small and wouldn’t really be that fun.

I think I’m getting more squeamish as I get older. I can deal with pet rats and frightened frozen mice but a mouse running around? That seems to be another thing entirely!!



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2 responses to “Mouse!

  1. motodraconis

    I dunno, pet mice are one thing, but mice in the house are univited pests and as such can become freaky. For myself, I think swarming ants are reasonably amusing and “a sign of summer” when in the garden – swarming ants in the house are the stuff of nightmares!
    Likewise I once tried to remove an old wasps nest from my attic. It was empty and harmless, but when I saw it hanging off my roof like a giant house tumour I freaked out and started to shake. I was so distressed I had to ring a chum to come and dispose of it IMMEDIATELY. Thankfully she came round straight away, puled it off the roof and took it outside the house. Weirdly, once it was out of my home it not longer repulsed me and I could hold it and examine it, marvelling at hove light it was. Inside my house, I couldn’t even look at it without shuddering!


    • kaitharshayr

      I guess it’s almost like that invasion of personal space…?

      I don’t like spiders, I freak out when they are in the house and I hate watching them on TV. But I can kind of cope with peering at them when they are outside.

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