Last week

So I got rather distracted last week from doing any kind of blog update at all. On the Friday (22nd) we (me and C) went up to Hull for the weekend. And to answer the many questions I got of ‘Why would you go there?!’ a friend of mine from uni lives there now with her husband. The plan was that his brother was going to run a Dark Heresy module. It pretty much took us the whole weekend to get through it. (With breaks for food and sleeping in between!!) We started at the beginning of rank 3, and I’d forgotten just how incompetent low ranking characters are, also it doesn’t help when your dice decide they want to role in the 80s and 90s. To much playing Exalted I think! Somehow or other we managed to survive, and hopefully destroyed all the evil Xenos and Heretical Tech stuff that was about. (I’m frankly surprised we made it out at all, seeing as one character spent more than half the adventure on -1 hp.. ahh I did actually miss having a psyker around to cast heal….. but as I was playing a Sister of Battle it was probably for the best!!)

On the Monday we did actually take a wonder around Hull, (because I might as well see the place while I’m there) and even though my friend has lived there for 2 years now and that Hull isn’t that big, she ended up seeing bits of it she hadn’t seen before.

I took the whole of last week off work, as it was half term and meant I could spend some time with C. Though I did have to pop into work on the Tuesday evening as I had my after work sewing class.

Then, on Wed we spent quite a bit on getting me my own stuff to bake with (spatula, cake tin, skewers, silicone cake tins etc etc) I haven’t had a chance to use any of it yet, but that combined with the Mary Berry’s complete baking collection (not quite sure thats the right name but there are about 250 recipes in there for cakes, biscuits, bread, tarts etc) then I should be able to get some baking done. Though I still need to look at getting myself a mixer.

We spent the rest of the week swapping between playing Fallout: New Vegas (which I keep calling Fallout 3, I think because it looks pretty much the same and there’s less syllable’s!) and Fable 3. I may do a separate post with a sort of review on them both, but so far I am enjoying them, although it’s been a while since I’ve played a game in First Person Mode, and so Fallout is giving me a little bit of trouble, I can’t play it for too long without feeling a bit queasy.

Last night we went to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra do a night of Bond, where they played all the theme music from the Bond Movies. I really enjoyed this, it’s funny how many songs are increadibly famous and are Bond songs. Sure I have seen all the Bond movies, but it’s not untill you hear all the music together that you really realise that. It was presented by the lady who played Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman, at least that’s who I think it was, shows how much attention I pay to what’s actually happening at concerts I go to), anyway she gave a little speech about each bond movie before the orchestra played the music. It was a bit funny because they decided to leave the music for Die Another Day till the very end (after the most recent Daniel Craig ones) due to the whole issue with MGM, but at the very end the conductor did announce that apparently MGM are signing a deal with Spyglass. so there is hope yet for some more Bond movies, and I raelly hope more Bond Movies with Daniel Craig. (yummy!!!)

And finally today is November 1st which means Nanowrimo has started, I didn’t really feel like getting up early this morning to do some writing (didn’t sleep very well), I left my notebook at home, I’ve spent most of my lunch break typing out this post (because if I don’t do it now I know I never will and I’ll forget!), and I’ve got the Exalted game tonight…. so I’m behind already! I’ve also got potentially quite a few things on this month (I’m going to loose a fair chunk of this weekend) now I know I’m not going to hit 50k works but still it’d be nice to get started! Of course my other problem is that I may have already started to lose interest in the idea I had but I’ll have to see, at least I have extensive notes, that may help.

Right that’s enough waffle for now, I may be able to get out a few words for Nanowrimo before lunch ends… maybe and without notes… :/


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