Soup Kitchen

My work (which perhaps one day I’ll blog about a bit more, to at least give a gist of it compared to my old job, seeing as I have been there almost 3 months) do some stuff for charity, and people are allowed to go help out at a local soup kitchen during work hours every so often.  I had heard about this from our company meeting but then forgot to sign up for it.

So on monday I got a pleading email from a girl I know in HR asking if I would help out at the Soup Kitchen this morning, as someone else had had to pull out.  So I agreed.

Glad I did. We prepared some food, and then I spent the next two hours serving soup, and some tea and coffee. While it was tiring, as I’m not used to standing on my feet for hours on end anymore, and I did get quite cold. (Which makes me shudder to think of a) what is it like doing the soup kitchen in proper winter, and b)how cold the homeless get). It did feel very worthwhile. (Which I know is what everyone says but it is true.)

So I am going to sign up to do it again, although my work already has a list of dates that I can do it for in 2011.  Which makes my head spin a bit, cause I’m not even sure what I’m doing next month!



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