Man Booker Prize Winner

So Howard Jacobson won the Man Booker Prize with The Finkler Question. I must say I was surprised. Even though I really disliked it I did kind of think that the favourite C would win. I wanted Room to win, I did really like that, although after watching the Review Show a comment made by someone on there did make that book more creepy. That the little boy, because all he’s had is his mother, will find the concept of sharing her very difficult, and could become quite dangerous later in life. THAT makes it creepy and not the whole them being stuck in a room.

So back onto The Finkler Question, yes I was surprised (it was also the rank outsider), and also puzzled by the BBC Breakfast News calling it a ‘Comic Novel’…..  (but then I’m puzzled by a lot of things they do sometimes) yes the writer is a Comedian, and yes there are quite a few funny bits at the beginning of the novel, but it most certainly is NOT a comic novel. It gets way to depressing towards the end to ever be that. It also, after chatting about it with other people who read it for the Booker Prize challenge,  get’s rather wishy-washy towards the end,  and ends in a funny place.  But yet it won. Like I said surprising.



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