What to write for NaNoWriMo…

NaNoWriMo, I have said for a few years now ‘Oh I’ll try and do that’ and each time I’ve been to busy, or in fact I think I clean forgot about it last year, and I almost forgot about it this year until I saw it mentioned by someone at work.

I think potentially I could have time to do this this year, I have a bit of time in the morning, I have a 1 hour lunch break and I could get some writing done in the afternoon. (Might have a bit of a struggle trying to balance my knitting and reading time.) I’m pretty damn sure I won’t get to 50k words, I don’t have quite that amount of time free (Roleplaying means I lose Monday evenings) and I’m going to lose another whole day to go to Masterchef Live (I won those tickets through work, ^_^ hopefully I’ll get said tickets soon!) but if I could even get to 25k then for me that would be amazing.  I haven’t written properly in years, I mean I’ve never really finished anything I’ve written but at least I was starting a lot of things. In fact one of my birthday presents this year from a friend was an empty notebook, with which she charged me to get some more writing done.

I sort of… have done that ish. I started to actually write up the back story for my Lunar in the Exalted campaign C is running, and I wrote quite a bit so far just for the first bit.  I should work on getting more done.

So now I figure is a good time to try and get an idea of just what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo.  I’ve got some vauge ideas for a sort of what feels like a generic style fantasy story. I would like to write something a bit different, but I think I’m a) out of practice and b) no where near as good as some of my fave authors (Jaqueline Carey, Joe Abercrombie) who have some really good ideas and can paint brilliant picture of their worlds. Or potentially I did have a plot idea for some characters in the Exalted setting. (Exalted is a roleplaying game.) So on the one hand I can write a story where I make everything up, from what the towns are like to what is IN the world. Or I have a setting that’s already pre thought of for me. On the one had if I get stuck I don’t need to do some quick references to check where a place is or how a particular thing works, but then on the other hand I have a pre-written world, I know that certain towns are dens of villany and others are military states. Pros and Cons to both really. Perhaps if I just write some notes on both that would help (also I need to actually state out said Characters for Exalted, I need to know what powers they have. I have a horrible feeling that I did come up with quite a few ideas for that and just didn’t write stuff down. >_< Bad me.


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