A purely knitting (well and crochet) related post. 🙂

So I have finished my VERY FIRST piece of Crochet,(Which I already blogged about here, just wanted to put up a couple more pictures) anyway here is the finished article (The first photo isn’t great, it’s really hard to take photo’s of yourself, also I could have picked a better time of day, it’s a bit to dingy in the mornings.)


Pattern: Phannie (I personally think it could have possibly been given a better name. Non Rav Link)

Hook: Size 4

Yarn: Colourmart Merino DK

And I have also completed my very first design! It’s not fab, and could probably do with a bit more work, but still I’m quite happy with it. I play a game called Exalted, and the characters in that get caste marks on their head that shows what kind of powerful being they are. And I thought, why can’t I make some kind of headpiece with said caste mark on.  And thus the Solar Hat of Glory was Born.

Initially I did a swatch (which turned out to be completely unhelpful as the size it came out meant that when I started the hat it was waaaaaay too big.) and then from that figured out the charting for the Solar Caste Marks. And then there was a lot of starting and ripping back as I tried to figure out the best number of stitches that meant a) the hat fit my head and b) I could fit the caste mark patterns on (all 5 of them.)  I’ve kind of managed to do it, but I think I could have done with about an inch more stitches. As it does fit my head but it stretches out the yarn a bit much and so that you can see the orange at the back of the black bits and the black at the back of the orange bits. Yes I know that you’re not really supposed to use such contrasting colours when doing colour work, but these are Solar Caste Marks, Solar’s are the Unconqured Sun’s Exalted and.. well Sunlight = Yellow/Orange!

I think if I ever did this again, then either I’d try inputting more stitches after the ribbing, or heck even use a DK weight yarn, that might work better. I just happened to have some black and orange Cascade lying around.


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