So, way back in September (ok so not that long ago), I went away for the weekend and met up with some friends for a weekend of being crafty (and by that I mean painting Warhammer Models, Knitting, Drawing and making  Chainmail) and also visiting Brighton.

I decided to take what I’m knitting for my mum with me, however I knew that I would have to spend a little time winding the second skein of lace, I potentially wasn’t that bothered by this as there is ‘only’ 300m to it. (As opposed to the 1000m I had to wind once, and infact I have at least 2 skeins of lace that are over 1000m, I am NOT looking forward to that).  So I unwrapped the skein, so that would have a large loop of yarn and as I did so I thought ‘Hang on a minute this isn’t right’ It didn’t split in half easily. (If you’ve ever used a skein of yarn you’ll know what I mean.) As I put it across my knees and tried to start pulling one end of the yarn I got that sinking feeling. It was tangled, and tangled bad. And I had a bad horrific vision of this taking me the whole weekend to unravel. Which I really didnt want to do. But once you’ve started to deal with a tangled skein of yarn you can’t really put it down without it getting more tangled. (No matter how careful you are either, it’s just the law.)

However as I was with friends I did have to go out/go to sleep and thus I very very very carefully put it on the floor:

Tangled Lace

Yet somehow, by very very carefully not pulling on the yarn at random and thus knotting it, somehow I ended up with this:

Tangled Lace1

It didn’t take all weekend either! I managed to do some painting too. (Hmm should take some photo’s of that stuff at some point.)

So in between the wool winding and painting we went to Brighton. (Somehow ended up spending around 7 hours there…. not quite sure how.) It was also luckily quite a nice day!

Brighton 2010 04

Brighton 2010 05

We had a late lunch (which I think took about an hour and a half to eat). It only took so long because one of my friends really cannot deal with any spice whatsoever. She ordered a calzone, and did ask what was in it, unfortunately none of us twigged that when the waitress said ‘Sausage’ that, because it’s an Italian restaurant, what she actually meant was ‘Pepperoni’.  It was all all right in the end, the staff replaced the calzone with another one that had tomato, cheese and spinach in it.

And then we had dessert

Brighton 2010 12

Actually you can’t really tell quite how big the profita rolls are. (Have I spelt that right? ) I’ve never seen such large ones, I couldn’t eat it all.

And so to end the day (watching Aang The Last Airbender the CARTOON which is AWESOME btw) we had cocktails. This one was by fair the prettiest. 🙂

Brighton 2010 18

This is also the trip where I left the booker prize book in my friends car, but as I posted before I got it back and have now completed them all. 🙂



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2 responses to “Brighton

  1. Paul

    You’ve reminded me to upload my few pics from Bumcrack!

    F’locked, on the assumption you have a Flickr account?

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