Book sizing

So today I’m going to talk about this, no not the books themselves rather the size of them, because it’s really starting to irritate me.

Here are my 4 size examples:

First off the hard back, now yes I will admit that my example here is perhaps slightly unfair as it’s a BIG book, there are a lot of pages in there, and I have seen hard backs that are slightly more reasonably sized but that’s because they are about 200 pages or so. However these books are still expensive and I find very awkward to read. Out of all the books I own (which is a fair few) I have only a few hard backs. Only 2 of which I have bought with my own money another 2 I bought for C (fancy signed copies/and the collection of Lovecraft stories). One of the ones I have bought for myself is only from doing the booker prize reading contest last year, where all the books are in hardback (and I will end up with another from this year.) The other few were presents. So I will not buy hardbacks, as I said too pricey, too heavy and too awkward to read, especially when travelling. I have found it very hard doing the booker prize reading while commuting on the tube, as I’m always trying hard not to poke fellow passengers with the corners of the hard back books I’m trying to read. Plus they take up quite a bit of space when holding them, which means that if it’s really busy I can’t read at all.  (Now I do also find it hard to hold paperback books on the tube too, turning pages can be very awkward when you’re squished into a crowd of people, which is why I have my eReader (lighter and smaller than even a paperback and I can turn pages while holding on), but at least a paperback is a little smaller, and won’t attack fellow passengers as much.)

The next size is the size I consider to be ‘Proper’ book size, this is the size that most of my books are. I like this size, (yes possibly because I am used to it) but it’s a good size, not too large, doesn’t take up as much shelf space, and not nearly as expensive as a hard back (although the price of books is starting to get to be quite a bit.). To be honest I don’t have nearly as much to say about this, oh and it’s not as heavy either. Like I said a ‘Proper’ book.

The next size is one that I sort of started noticing several years ago (it probably has been about logner, I just haven’t seen it/paid attention). Anyway I noticed it when books I liked would come out as hard back, but then come out in this larger paperback first before becoming ‘proper’ book sized. That really irritated me, as these books tend to cost a bit more than a ‘proper’ book, and they take up more space on my books shelves. (Especially as space on my book shelves is starting pretty much nonexistent.)  But it seems that more books are being put in this size and staying at this size. There is one book I’ve wanted for ages from a fave author of mine, but I have kind of been waiting for it to go ‘proper’ size I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not going to, so I will end up buying it at this size.  I have now got quite a few books at this size, so I am learning to live with it.

This however, this is what is starting to piss me off and I see no reason for it. A paperback the SAME SIZE as a hard back….. Lets relist whats wrong with a hard back – expensive, awkward size, heavy, and takes up too much shelf space. So I get all that with this size, plus the fact that cause it’s a paperback it will get tattier quicker. Absolutly no redeming features, and I would dearly love to know the reasoning behind this size. The first time I encounter this, was a book that I had asked for for my Birthday, the 3rd part of a series no less (can you see where this is going..?). Now I don’t know about you, but if I saw the same copy of a book, one for £14.99 and another for £7.99 then I’d get the cheaper one, it’s the same book, just one is twice the price also I at least am aware that the more expensive one will be in larger dimensions. So I have to say I was pretty flabbergasted when I saw this. Its HUGE, (well huge for a paper back, it is about hard back dimensions as I said.), and doesn’t fit at all standing up on my shelves. Also like I said 3rd part of a series… maybe I’m fussy but I really like my books in a series to look the same! (I also dislike it when a cover changes part way through a series.) And now I have a huge monster of a book to fit on my shelves. I do not like it and I see no point to it.


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