Time to get fit!

So I keep telling myself that I need to do more exercise, and I keep trying to start and I’m pretty sure that once I’m in a routine I’ll be ok. But it’s getting into that routine that’s the problem. Initially I thought that as I didn’t have to leave for my new job till just after half 8, that if I got up at 7 that would give me time to do 15 mins exercise (jog, skipping etc), have a shower and relax a little before going to work. Except I find it hard to do exercise just when I’ve woken up, when I wasn’t working, I’d find that about an hour or so after I’d just got up was a good time to go jogging, especially when it was around 9-10am. I’m more awake and more motivated. I am most definitely not motivated at 7am in the morning. Also the weather and the fact that it’s getting darker does not help. I just want to curl up in bed.

So then I suppose I could do some exercise when I get back from work (just after 6 pm usually). Except I’m tired from work, hungry and we are having a tendacy to cook dinner around 7pm is and so usually cooked and eaten by 8. At which time, again especially as it’s getting towards winter and getting darker. I do not want to go out for a jog.

So, what are my options here. Well perhaps I set my alarm for half 6, (hubby gets up at 6, and leaves around half 6, but I tend to just go back to dozing for the next hour or so) and as it will go off every 8 minutes till I properly turn it off that *might* wake me up enough for 7am. But I kinda doubt it. I do not wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So… I am wondering if I could do soem when I get home form work. We tend to start dinner roughly an hour after I get home, (not like we aren’t hungry but we can’t be bothered to start or we don’t know what we want) so, I could if I grabbed a banana or something to keep me going easily do 15 mins exercise then. I don’t necessarily need to go for a jog, I could just do sit ups and strenghtening exercises instead. Perhaps this could be the answer.

I am also considering changing what station that I get off at when I go to work. There is one that has a long staircase to the exit (when I have to go to this station I usually take these stairs as there is always a large amoung of people waiting for the lifts.) this would I feel be good exercise for me. The walk to work is also slightly longer from here. So perhaps this is what I should do. It has also crossed my mind that I could get off the tube a stop earlier coming home from work, and thus walk through a park, but I don’t really want to do this in the winter when it’s dark.

So maybe this should be my plan of action walk up stairs in the morning and try and do at least 5-15 mins of exercise when I get home (shake off that lazyness!), it may also help if I get around to investing in a new pair of trainers, as my current ones have worn through quite badly on the inside and the hard plastic bit rubs the back of my feet. Not really proper footware to jog in (but doesn’t stop me doing other forms of exercise inside where I just have bare feet).

This isn’t about to losing weight (although I would like to loose about half a stone, no I don’t know what that is in metric sorry) but about the fact that I feel horribly unfit. I long to be able to do one loop around the park jogging the entire way without having to slow to a walk for a small span of it. (I know it’s not a huge thing, but it would be a nice achievement for me!)


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