Tube Strike and Knitting

So today it was round 2 of me Vs the Tube strike, (if you read this blog you may remember that it took me 2 hours to get in last time). This time I decided to get to work via a different means, the train, this meant a 20min walk to the train station, getting on a train (hopefully) and then another 20 min walk to work. I thought I might have to miss a few trains as they would probably be packed. Boy was I surprised when the 1st train that arrived looked pretty empty (I guess it doesn’t stop at that many stops before hand) a few people got off. (I hope they weren’t hoping to catch a bus, the traffic wasn’t moving on the road), and then I got moved onto the train. I say moved, when your in a crowed of people surging to get on, you don’t’ really get on the train at your own choosing. It was quite impressive how many people on the crowded platform managed to get on the train. The train ride is only 8 mins, so all in all I managed to get to work at about the time I usually do (I did leave home 30 mins earlier than normal)!!

So I thought I’d add a brief knitting date to this blog post.


So I completed my first ever crochet project recently. I had to get my mum’s help a fair bit at the start as the instructions just seemed like gobeldygook at the start (doing some more crochet should solve that problem.) I made a hat (, and I have to say that it felt a lot easier than knitting one. Having only one stitch to worry about made it much easier to hold, and also to rip it back when I made a mistake. There was quite a lot of ripping back, I don’t actually know what my tension is with crochet, and while I used the yarn and hook size that was recommended I must crochet quite tight as I had to add a lot more rows to the hat before it was the right size. I also had to alter how I decreased my stitches as when I was following the instructions I kept making it way to tight!


I’ve also been working on this Layering Shrug which is a birthday present for my mum. It’s going pretty well so far, in some ways it’s been a quick knit, although I still have a sleeve and then the edging to do, and it’s sorting out picking up the stitches for the edging that’s going to take a while, especially as I’ve added an additional repeat of the pattern across the back. Still it’s looking pretty good. 🙂

In other news also knitting related, myself and a few others have started up a knitting group at work, so far we’ve only met up 3 times at lunch time, but fingers crossed we’ll keep going. An hour isn’t that long to knit for, specially when you have to keep stopping to help people (quiet a few people are new to knitting), but it’s nice to chat with some other knitters. Going to back to new knitters it’s really weird for me as this is the first time that I’ve attempted to teach people. Just taking it slowly for now making sure they know how to knit and then purl, they have been shown how to cast on, but as you don’t do that nearly as often I’m expecting they don’t remember it so well. It also gets a bit embarrassing for me, having some people go on about how amazing some things I’ve knitted are. (We had a crafty thing at work and I brought 1 or 2 things to display.) I am proud of those items, but I dont’ feel like they are amazing, I look at other knitters stuff and go ‘wow now THAT is impressive’, I’m guessing thou that possibly they feel the same way and feel like that about other people’s work.


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