Perhaps they should trademark the word phone too(!)

(Also first time posting by email so this should be interesting! Hope it works.)

So Apple are going to go to trial to stop another company using the word ‘Pod’ in a product name. Read Here
This is all based on a crazed idea that when you say the word Pod you will without fail immediatly think of an iPod.

Um WTF? This is a dictionary definition of the word Pod. A friend of mine thinks of Pod People when you say Pod, I think of say a cryostasis pod, C thinks of Peas, as in peas in a pod. I would most certainly never really have thought of an iPod.

Added to this that Pod is a word used in the english language. How the hell can you trademark that?! Hence my sarky remark about trying to trademark the word phone. So what if we ever get around to making crysostatis pods, oh wait no I’m sorry I can’t call them pods, will have to be tubes? *eye roll*

In fact what does make me think Apple is when people use the term iSomething. Apple have iPod, iPhone, iTunes therefore any other company that uses iSomething immediatly makes me think of Apple, why on earth arent they having a hissy fit over that? Surely that would be much more appropriate.

I really hope that the judge(s) see sense with this and dont try and trademark a word like pod, because potentially couldn’t that just open the floodgates for a whole other host of words to be trademarked like that?

Edit to add: So I’ve just read up that both Facebook and Microsoft have tried to trade mark the words Book and Windows. *sigh* It’s funny how it seems to be all the software/online people. How about Birds Eye try and trade mark the word Fingers in Fish Fingers? Or Tropicana trade mark the word Juice? Honestly!! So what.. are we going to have to start calling things by the long way? Oh that thing you hold in your hands thats made of up pages and has writing on it. Oh the see through thing that houses have with which to look out of. Gah!!! STUPID.


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