iKnit Weekender

So it appears, as usual, that I’m a bit behind in blog posts. I went to the iKnit weekender the other week and I had a decent time.

I took a class in the morning, Knitting two socks at a time, I think I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy once you get going but very awkward at the start. In fact I was at an advantage because I know how to do Magic Loop and I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks already. Still I should probably practice knitting an actual pair of socks sooner rather than later as otherwise I may well forget.

Mini socks πŸ™‚

The class was 3 hours long, so after that I popped out to grab a sandwich, and then headed back to go look around the market. I have to confess I didn’t have that much fun there. I didn’t manage to persuade anyone to go with me/no one had any free time, and well it’s a bit boring wondering around yarn stalls by yourself. I also didn’t realise/it didn’t occur to me that I could take knitting .

Next time however, I will be prepared, I will find a friend who I can wonder around with, and perhaps go to some more classes. (assuming I have some more money by then but they are a little pricey)

I was quite good however, I set myself a budget and I actually managed to go under that budget. A lot of this was due to me thinking, a) do I actually need this yarn for anything? No and b) Do I have space for this yarn? No.

So here is what I bought:

Knitwitches - lace cashmere

Knitwitches 100% Cashmere, roughly 1000m for 100g, but I have about 146g πŸ™‚ The colour isn’t quite right in this picture


Sparkleduck 75% merino 25% nylon, it’s surprisingly soft for something with nylon in it. I’m hoping to use this for a pair of gloves. πŸ™‚


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