Netbook discrimination


Dear People who design/create things for websites

Please would you learn that netbooks have SMALL screens, my resolution is 1024 by 600. Now while I do understand that most sites now have things designed for large screens and thus they won’t fit very well on mine I don’t mind scrolling through stuff because I KNOW that I am using a netbook and that’s why I’m having to scroll. I don’t really have a problem with this at all.

What I do have a problem with however is sites that use.. I don’t actually know what it is, possibly Flash? at least it’s like when you click on images and you get a sort of pop up in the page. Anyway the problem I have with these is when they are designed for bigger screens than mine and are NOT SCROLLABLE. Some are fine there are little x’s in the corners so I can close them. But some, some just don’t fit and decide to put the OK or CLOSE button at the BOTTOM OF THE POP UP. Thus meaning I can no longer view the site, as I can’t scroll down!

*grumble* least I haven’t stumbled on too many of these.

/end rant


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