The Booker Prize Reading Challenge Part1

I’m putting part 1, hopefully I’ll get around to part 2, and maybe more parts.

So last year my local bookshop decided upon the challenge of reading all 6 of the shortlisted books for the Man Booker prize. Roughly 4 weeks to read 6 books, and I have to say I did fairly well until I hit Wolf Hall, so I got through 4 and a half books.

This year, well we seem to have more time (5 weeks) and actually none of the books are as long as Wolf Hall or The Children’s story book. So it works out that we have to read approx 60 pages a day (I think it was over a hindered last year).

So I have decided to start with Howard Jacobson The Finkler Question. No real reason why, decided I’d start with the ones that sound the least interesting to me. Currently at the moment C is the fave, and according to someone who has already read it, it is quite good.

Right so on with the challenge (in a month when I have a LOT of other things on >_<)


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