The epic struggle to get to work

So today we had a tube strike, staff are objecting to job cuts, LU has said that there will be no compulsory redundancies, and I’m sure it’s been said that some people might be moved to other jobs. Either way, I still had to get to work today. Usually it takes about 30-40 mins to get to work. Anyone want to guess how long it took? I even left half an hour earlier than normal!

I decided I wouldn’t take the bus that goes almost directly to where I work as I KNEW that it would be packed. Instead I went a slightly more round about rout with the plan of taking two buses. (I did this route last time I was caught up in a strike a few years ago, and got seats on the buses!) So I left at 8, caught a bus at 8.15, changed buses at about 20 mins later, and then ended up taking half an hour to go, what would normally take perhaps 5 mins? *sigh* Traffic, barely moving traffic. >_<  Finally the bus driver said it would be faster to walk to to the station then take the bus, of course I wasn’t trying to get to that station, but further on. But the bus wasn’t going anywhere, so I walked, and walked and walked.  There was no point getting back on a bus after the station, because there was still a fair amount of traffic, and with the number of people waiting, it just wasn’t worth it.

An hour later (yes I walked for an hour) I made it to work, only 30 mins late(!)

So 2 hours, 2 buses, a 1 hour walk, 3 stubbed toes, almost twisting my ankles twice, I made it to work.

My journey home wasn’t quite so eventful, only took 50 mins thankfully, but still had to do a fair bit of walking. I think I’ve perhaps done about 3 miles today. Which was pretty good exercise, but I’m exhausted now, and my legs ache. This is supposed to be the first of several 24 hour strikes, I’m NOT looking forward to more. Will have to consider a different route to work next time. One that does not involve buses.

Saying that the BBC have been going on about how a strike ruins a cities image, etc. Um London isn’t the only place that has strikes, other countries/cities do too. Also it’s so far only been ONE strike, which has been annoying but I hardly think that one strike will ruin a cities image. If the other planned strikes go ahead then yes there may be something in that. The news really likes to make a lot out of not a lot at times. *sigh*

(Erm.. for some reason I THOUGHT i’d published this yesterday, guessI was so tired that I hit the save as draft by accident… so yes while I am publishing this on the 8th, it is referring to the 7th.)



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2 responses to “The epic struggle to get to work

  1. motodraconis

    Lightweight! I walk 3.5 miles every day! 😛

    The other week I decided to walk from High Barnet to Russell Square, a walk of about 10 miles taking 3 and a half hours. My reasoning being that I was short of cash and needed to save money on my oyster card, and needed to get to Russell Square for an animation showing, but I suspect the real reason is because I’m insane.

    Good luck triangulating a better route!

  2. kaitharshayr

    Hey I’m just not used to walking that much every day, it’s a bit of a shocker to go from easily getting to work via train, to having to walk.

    Also yes 10 mile walk to get to Russel Sq? Yes that’s a bit insane! You couldn’t even have taken a bus? I hope you got some transport back?

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