Cake Britain

So last weekend in an attempt to find something to do when meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in quite a while I discovered via the genius of Time Out that there was a Cake Britian art exhibition on, sponsored by Tate & Lyle, and also that it was free! I was a little disappointed as to the size of the exhibition, it was quite small,  but it was pretty impressive considering everything is made out of cake and sugar.

(I apologise for the colour of the photo’s, the light in the place was a bit funny, and well I really need to know how to edit photo’s properly before I start playing around with that. I’ve also begun to think about photography lessons, after I’ve done some sewing lessons… )


A Deer!  I think this was my fave one, it’s completely made out of sugar, and the banding is made out of sultanas and raisins. (And probably some other things)


Can you tell what it is? Toucan! Toucan Road kill is what I think at least, but it is all cake and sugar, apart from the fruit which I think is real.


Um.. yeah… tbh I don’t know what this is, I believe it was made out of sugar thou…..


Alice in Wonderland. which was kind of the theme of the exhibition, the cake maker took it literally, tis very cute, wish I could make things like that.


A little disturbing but cute too. I assure you it is cake, wish I’d got a close up shot of this, but oh well.




It’s a Cuckoo clock! The meringues were beginning to break by this point, as this was the last day of the exhibition.


To my shame this made me think of one of the characters in the Exalted RP we’re in, he’s captain of our ship. I doubt he’ll thank me for comparing this to his character, the hat is nowhere near magnificent enough, nor is the moustache!

Cake Art Aug2010



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  1. catconnor

    wow they’re pretty amazing!

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