Cake! Nom Nom Nom

Step 1: Gather Ingredients (Making an Orange Drizzle Cake)

Step 2: Mix (beat) ingredients together.


Step 3: Drool over yummy smells.

Step 4: Puzzle as to why after 40 mins (recommended cooking time) the cake seems to be just a crusty top over a jelly like substance.

Step 5: After 1 hour 20 mins (so double recommended cooking time) take cake out of oven.

Step 6: Wish you could eat said cake, but have to wait till it’s cool to do icing. Be sad and go hungry. 😦


Step 7: Make the icing and pour it over the cake, realising that you may have made it a little too runny! (Also attempted to make it orange by mixing red and yellow food dye, perhaps needed more drops of food dye.)


Step 8: Decorate the cake. (Probably could have done with a bit more colour.)


Step 9: Hungrily consume the cake, to find that it is a) very yummy (if I do say so myself) and b) a bit too sweet to comfortably consume the largish slice you have.


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