Ahh don’t worry about that Chaos Sorcerer he’s ‘armless

So C groaned aloud when I told him the title of this blog post and I expect you will too.

Here is my Chaos Sorcerer in all his glory

Chaos Army_20 Chaos Army_17 sorcerer

So yes that’s what he’s supposed to look like, and let me tell you it took some effort to get him there. Me and superglue don’t really get on very well, so I find it hard to stick metal models together at the best of times. However I stuck that arm with the spear on, then I managed to knock it and so stuck it again, knocked it again so C stuck it on for me. Then I spray painted it, and it stayed on, I thought yay, it’s stuck. No… I put some more black basecoat on to touch up the bad spray painting job I did (again something I’m no good at) and off it fell. *sigh* So I decided I couldn’t be bothered to try and stick the arm back on while I painted it, because I was damned sure it would just fall off again. So I pretty much finished painting it, and got C to stick the arm back on again. Packed it away in the case to take to Games Workshop for a game, started to take it out the case. Can you guess what happened next? Yeah.. armless again!

So I left him alone awhile. Finally last week I got him out finished off the base stuck the arm back on (also stuck it in TWO places this time), I thought I’d won I though 2 places would hold it. We also added gloss varnish around the points where it was stuck, in the hope that it would hold better. I was moving a couple of things in and out the case today and look what happened.


I give up. Unless anyone has any bright ideas? The joint is just too small to pin. 😦

In other news me and C have finally sorted out our issue of how we should store all the paints we have accumulated. We were initially just using half of the box from an Eldar Falcon to put the paints in. This was quite convenient, as as long as we put a dab of paint on the top to see what colour it was. However then we got more paints… and some more. Until finally they weren’t quite fitting into the box. We’ve debated a bit about what to do about this, as we don’t want anything too big, the box was roughly a good size.  So we finally wondered over to Homebase today, with an idea that we might get a toolbox that had bits that… Hmm not lift clean out but that had shelves that unfold. We thought that we could possibly put the paint on the shelves and put other bigger bits (like flock for bases) in the bottom. But Homebase disappointed. So we happened to wonder over to the storage sections, with the hope that there might be something. This is what we found.


Perfect! The top draw has all the normal paints, the bottom the washes and metallics AND there was space to put some basing materials there. Also we can stack some things on top of it. So it saves space and we can see what paints we want. And have also been able to colour code them properly.  When they were in the box I tried to keep the colours together, but C would always mess it up.  He says he’ll be better now at putting them away.  We’ll see…..

Also I’ve just been told that I’m a horrible person for using the above blog title… hehe.


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