Warhammer Woes

So the new Warhammer Fantasy (WF) rule book is out on the 10th July, (you can look at the store copies now) it’s a hefty sized book, at over 500 pages (if you place the current edition of WF with W40k I believe it’s even thicker than that. With this new rule book comes a fairly big change in the rules (well duh I guess) a standard army is going to be 3000 pts, currently its 2000pts, and here begin my woes, I have restated out my army and I can’t quite decide what to do with my last 500 pts.

I’ve already had to make a couple of changes to my army, I had a Tzeetchan Chaos army with 3 sorcerers, but with how the magic rules are changing this could a) be potentially REALLY DANGEROUS to my Chaos Knights, as I had a Sorcerer Lord on a Demonic mount and I’d quite like not losing them in the first round of magic and b) You can’t have the same spell twice now in your army, and I had to many sorcerers for the number of spells you can get. So no big deal really, I now just have a Chaos Lord on a Demonic mount, I’m not complaining he’s damned nasty! WS 8, S5 and 5 attacks? Yeah I have no complaints here.

I now also have 10 Chaos Knights instead of 5 (heheheh) and a unit of 50 Chaos Warriors. Currently I have one unit of 24, and when I got these out for my first game of WF at my local Games Workshop the other week there were several people commenting that ‘Wow thats a damned big unit of Chaos Warriors’, but no more, new WF is all about large units. (A unit of 50 gives you a very big bonus on the number of attacks you get.) However this starts one of my first woes with the extra unit’s I need.

Chaos Warriors come in boxes of 12, if I get 2 more boxes I get 48 models, getting 3 extra boxes is a) expensive and b) would give me 10 more models than I need, and I don’t want to add another 10 warriors to the unit, it’s uneccessary.  Once long ago it looks like GW did a box of 3 warriors, however alas it seems it is no longer available. So I need to somehow figure out a way of just getting an extra 2 warriors… Ebay might be the way.

So on to my main dilemma, what to do with those last 500 pts, I’ve come up with 3 options.

  1. I get a unit of 6 Ogre’s.
  2. I get a unit of 10 Chosen, I do really like the look of Chosen but then for some of the extra costs they pretty much have exactly the same stat line as Chaos Warriors, WS 6 instead of WS5.
  3. I get a Hellcannon (heheheheh) and either Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, or perhaps an Exalted Hero to go with my Chaos Warriors, or even a few more unit’s of marauder horsemen they are damned cheap.

Hmmmmm, right now I’m really not sure!


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