England CAN play football!!

Wow, I’ve actually watched a game of football where England PLAYED. Ok so it wasn’t exciting, but we PLAYED reasonably well! There was passing, and control, and in the 2nd half we actually pressed at the other team’s goal!! O_O

Why does this excite me? I mean I know England are playing better, we did really well qualifying, but the last time I watched us play, which damn was World Cup ’06, (we didn’t even qualify for Euro ’08) we were rubbish. We’d play ok in the first half, and then after half time suddenly all the players had forgotten how to play. And all you would get would be a really damn stressful 45 mins of England desperately defending!

This time? We’re the one’s making the other team defend.

I managed to watch an England game without screaming the house down in desperation while I watch the other team try again and again to score against us. So all that is why I can live with a draw with the USA.


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