Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time the movie, not the game, and I’ll get it off my chest now that the game is much better, and I love that way more. And that the film is, aside from having the actual sands of time, and a prince who leaps about a bit with a female who tries to boss him about, nothing like the game. Which is a bit sad seeing as the plot for Sands of Time Game (SoTG) is pretty good, maybe they felt that having ‘sand zombies’ running around would a) be a bit costly special affects wise, b) I guess it may have looked slightly silly on the big screen, and c) they could be trying to make their own version of it all. (Like how the X-Men movies are in a different universe to the comics.) Although that doesn’t explain why they seem to have tried to be sneaking in a new Prince of Persia (PoP) game, that fits inbetween SoTG and Warrior Within, and I have heard them say that if Sands of Time Movie (SoTM) do well they might do a sequal… soooo… would they use this new game as the sequal? Who knows.

Anyway none of this tells you anything about the actual movie. I went into the movie not expecting very much, and well, I thought it was reasonably enjoyable.  It took a little while to get into. I did know that it wasn’t going to be the game, but I had forgotten when I went to watch it, so that took a little time for me to step back and go, it’s not the game, they’ve just used the same name (which I think is a little confusing), try and enjoy it for what it is. What I also found quite hard to get into was the fact that while this is the Prince of PERSIA everyone was English. Which I suppose thinking about it is also like the game, The Prince and Farah both had posh English accents while those few guards that did speak had god awful cockney accents. Still it’s more disconcerting on the big screen where it just doesn’t look quite right.

It also took me a while to get.. hmm not sure what the word is comfortable, used to? Gemma Arterton’s character.  She speaks very clearly and concisely and loudly, which I think is trying to represent the fact that she’s a Princess. However it came across to me at least more like the voice you’d use on stage, it would have projected well there. You don’t really need to do that so much in a movie.

There were also times where I wondered if I was watching Assassin’s Creed the movie, or PoP:SoT. Now I do appreciate that they have to make it all exciting, so I’m not really serious here. But PoP:SoT you leap about trying to get somewhere across rooftops etc, then there’s some combat, then more leaping about. Assassin’s Creed you run about on rooftops when your being chased by guards.There was a fair bit of rooftop acrobatic chases. (Ok… two sections of it, but still.)

I also wasn’t convinced by the bits where they attempting to emulate the Ringwraith riding scenes from Fellowship of the Ring. Ohh lets make all the scenes where the scary people in black on horses with lots of spikes go really slowly. I know what they were trying to achive, but dramatically it just didn’t work for me.

The script I felt meandered between being not very good, to some lines (generally from the same character) that did have everyone in the audience laughing.  In fact the film improved immensely when this character was about, I say character because I can’t remember what his name is and IMDB is being quite unhelpful right now.

I think I started to enjoy the film a little more at the half way point, Jake Gyllenhaal makes a decent Prince, although they named him, which to be honest is a bit weird, in all the games, the 3 sands of time based ones and even the newer one he’s just The Prince.  It makes him an enigma, intriguing and a little bit sexy I think (or maybe that was his sarcastic comments combined with his acrobatic skills).

Anyway I think that’s all I’ve got to say on it, I found the movie enjoyable in the end, although I’m not quite sure it’s worth the cinema fee. I suppose it depends just how curious you are on a Prince of Persia movie, and if you can just wait to hire a dvd, watch it on TV, or I suppose just make use of something like Orange Wed.

Also there is now Prince of Persia Lego…. I wish I was a kid again, tis just an awesome idea. 😀


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