Election 2.0

I am well aware that the Election has and is a highly charged issue for quite a lot of people, specially in terms of the outcome and our new coalition government. Please bare in mind that the below is just my opinion on what’s going on, and I’m just your everyday layperson. (I don’t have enough readers for a flame war or anything, but there may always be the potential of that happening so.. please don’t)

So I’ve heard a lot of people over the last few days go, “Ohh the Lib Dems lost seats and now their leader is Deputy PM, what’s up with that, he just terrible how he’s managed to do that blah blah..” or at least something along those lines.

And yes they did lose more seats, but could you really see the Conserv joining with Labour to get the minority. How on earth would that have worked?! Nor would they have been able to work with the minority parties like the Welsh or Scot Nationals. And running with a minority government? I really don’t think that’s what this country needed at this moment in time, what with the economy and all. So really who else would they have joined with. On the Lib Dem side, yes of course they would go for it, as a comedian pointed out quite well on Have I got News for You (How I love that programme.). Why the hell wouldn’t they?

If it had been Labour with the most seats, then well perhaps people wouldn’t be grumbling as much, I mean Labour and Lib Dems are more similar in terms of policies and the like.  But Lab didn’t the Conserv did, now I’m not a Conserv fan, I would much rather Lab were in power, but they aren’t. So, perhaps I’m being too optimistic for politics but I am really hoping that this coalition does work. That both parties will make something of it and show that from this we could work with a PR type system.  (Assuming that we can get a decent referendum on it…)

A lot of people have said that the Lib Dems could (probably are a bit) lose a lot of support, especially if this doesn’t work out. They are taking a big risk.  I am hoping however that by the time we get to the next election we might have something like PR. If we don’t, and we still have a stupid 2 party system, then what kind of freedom of choice is that?

It’s funny I’m sure I had a little bit more to say, but I originally thought a bit about this post at work, and I’ve had interruptions since I started, so I probably have forgotten something.


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