So me and C went to Paris a few weekends ago, along with my parents and my brother.  We went as a family for a birthday party for a lady who when I was younger (8 I think?) was mine and my brothers Au Pair.  Yes that’s right I said au pair (or you could use the word Nanny I suppose) no my family is not hugely rich, we’re just middle class, and when your parents are out at work till late, you do need someone to look after your kids.

So we headed down on Friday morning via Eurostar to Paris, I’ve never been by Eurostar before, and it really is so easy. Just 3 hours from King’s Cross to Paris.  We got to Paris by about 1pm, left the luggage in the Gare Du Nord, and then went to explore Paris.  I have to confess now that me and Caleb did get a bit moody by the end of Friday, I think because we had an early start, and, as much as I love my family, sometimes you can just rub each other the wrong way.

I’ll say now that we had a GREAT weekend for it, sunny skies every day, in fact it only got a bit blurky on the Sunday just as we went to catch the Eurostar home.

The first thing we did was have lunch, and travelling to Europe from the UK currently (although the Euro seems to be dropping a little now) is just not a great idea, when we went a £1 was about 1 Euro, which meant that everything was a lot more expensive, you really noticed this with food.  Generally the cheapest thing on the menu is a can of Coke, and in central London you can easily get a small glass of coke for about £2, but in Paris it worked out at about £4.  Not fun really.


Anyway yes I’ll get on with it! So after food (the only food me and C ate when we were out and about was Crepes, hmm they are very yummy) went to see was the Eiffle Tower.   We decided, considering the queues that we wouldn’t bother going up, I had been up it years ago and C just could not be bothered to queue. It something that you need to get there early for, otherwise there’s a lot of waiting around.

So after walking under the Eiffel Tower we took a boat ride down the river,



We then wondered along to the Arc De Triomphe.


After this we were all pretty tired,  so we picked up our luggage and took the long and cranky trip down to where the hotel was. Where me and C and been forgotten off the booking list. O_O  We were listed as attending the party which was at the hotel but not having a room, luckily April isn’t a month where they have no rooms.

And thus we did collapse for the evening.

Day 2

We stuffed ourselves with buffet breakfast and headed off back into Paris and to the Louvre. Last time I was in Paris, I didn’t get a chance to go here, which is a shame, because the place is amazing!


It was a bit weird getting in, as we walked in underground from the metro, you can essentially walk into the central area of the Louvre where there are numerous ticket machines from which to get your ticket.  I was worried that getting there at about 11 meant that there would be long queues, nope there was no such thing. This is clearly the way to set out a ticket hall, it worked beautifully.


So of course me and C headed off to go see the Renaissance paintings, including the Mona Lisa.  The paintings down here are amazing. I’m not really one for going to art galleries but the paintings here are awesome.  I took A LOT of photos of paintings, but I’ve only put a few up, (I think I have well over 60 photo’s of paintings…)


You can’t see it very well now in this picture, but when you stand in front of these 3 paintings, wow, there’s a rather creepy 3D effect. In fact there were quite a few paintings that had a 3D like effect, we decided that it probably has something to do with the vibrant blue colour.


I realise that this is the day of judgement and stuff, but seriously the top right colour totally looks like a space ship. Totally!

And now for what I and C thought was the best painting there, yes even better than the Mona Lisa,


This is what you see laid out in the centre of the hall when you walk up to it, the back of the fight between David and Goliath, it’s pretty good, but nothing special right…? RIGHT?


WRONG! This is the front. Isn’t awesome!?!!!!  I say no more on this picture. (Awesomeness.)

And some more things we saw:

The statues were pretty damn cool too. I don’t think the British Museum has anything near as good as this.

After the Louvre we wondered down to Notra Dame (see picture from the boat ride)



We then decided to head back (as we did have a party to get ready for) on the way to the Metro we wondered past what is left of the Bastille.


The food for the party was a first for me, as we had Rabbit Terrine (I’m not sure if I’ve spelt that right) for a starter, and Duck for main. I have never eaten Rabbit or Duck before (a small bit of duck at a mean doesn’t really count).  It was a bit odd for me, the Duck was tasty (I didn’t like the Rabbit as much as C did) but it was odd, Ducks are cute.

Day 3

We’d cleverly(!) managed to time our trip with the Paris Marathon, and so planned our day to avoid the marathon hotspots. We went to, I think it was a medieval museum.  And my gosh I have to say neither me nor C want to really go to another exhibition of that sort again, because damn it was depressing. Death, Death and oh look a bit more Death.

After that we went for a walk before finally heading home on the Eurostar. It was a tiring but fun weekend.


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