A Rare Occurance – Knitting!

I have to force myself to get better at blogging,  I really do.  So.. wow my last actual knitting post was in 2008, and hmm in some ways I can quite easily catch up with my knitting, seeing as I haven’t actually finished that much in the last year.  Working has meant I haven’t had as much time to finish things off. So I shall get started:

Jaywalker Socks


Pattern: Jaywalker

Yarn: Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed Yarns Sock Yarn

Needles: 2.5mm

So I had some stripy yarn, and I figured what would be a better pattern then something like Jaywalker, a good way to show off the strips in the yarn. I have to confess that it’s taken me a stupid amount of time to finish these… I may have started them in… Feb of ’09 and… have only just finished them well, last month. >_<  The pattern isn’t hard or anything I just, did work on them no good reason really. Second Sock Syndrome. This is why the heels of both socks are a little off,  but no one is really going to see that I think.



Pattern: Lilly

Yarn: ColourMart 100% Extra Fine Merino 10/30NM DK Weight

Needles: 4mm

Whoops… I just looked through my list of previous posts, my last post on Lilly was at the beginning of 2009. Um… it’s still technically not finished… I haven’t blocked it. (How rubbish is that!)  I have no excuse.



Pattern: Clapotis

Yarn: indieknits Superwash Merino Sock Yarn

Needle: 4mm

Such a fun and quick knit, and the yarn is so lovely and squishy!  May well knit another one of these one day.



Pattern: Octopus

Yarn: Cascade Yarn

Needle: 3.75mm

This was quite a fun knit, a little awkward in places, especially when picking the stitches up for the tentacles. It did also break one of my knitting needles:

Broken Knitting Needle

Which was easily fixed by super glue. there is however a slight chip in the needle now, so I may need to get another set at some point. I can live with it for now.


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