A blog update!

So it’s been awhile (yet again) since my last blog post… I wonder how long it will be till the next post? If I knew more about gambling we could lay odds on when it would be. Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later. Once of the reasons I think I was so rubbish at updating this is that because when me and C moved into our flat, we just had mobile broadband, which just didn’t want to work with my netbook, so I had to use his, and one computer between two is just awkward, so I just couldn’t be arsed.

However we have now moved back to my parents. No its not an ideal situation, but the flat we were in was too expensive, not to mention badly designed. It was always damp, the washing never dried in time, there was mould growing everwhere. I will admit to not beeing the most active person when it comes to cleaning but honestly I do not want to have to be wiping down skirting boards all the time due to mold. To be honest its lucky that we didn’t really get that sick either, although I quite probabloy was quite run down a lot. I do feel better now we’re out of there.

In other news, work, well not sure what I can say about that, my manager has told me I need to write my own job description… I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to write there! I also don’t quite know what I am and am not allowed to do sometimes with regards to the databases, because I’m not under IT and well.. it’s all just a funny situation and I do wonder about looking for a new job.

Recently I’ve started spend a lot more time at my local independent book shop, they do a lot of activities like having authors come in and give talks (although I haven’t been to any of those yet) but they’ve also doing a knitting group once a month which I’ve been going to. It’s very nice being able to sit and drink tea and eat biscuits and just knit. 🙂

It’s also that time of year for the Man booker prize, and the book shop has posed a challenge to read all 6 short listed books and then to get together to discuss who we think should win and then see who actually does win. This started 3 weeks ago and the winner is announced this Tuesday, so far I am on book 5, I’m not going to be able to finish that and start on book 6 in time. Its been an interesting read as I have read quite a few books that I wouldn’t read normally (being the fantasy and sci-fi buff that I am). I have to say though that out of the 5 it’s only this 5th one that I’m reading now that I’m finding the most enjoyable, it is also the favourite. Once I’ve read them all (which maybe by next weekend) I’ll put up a post just summersing what I thought of the books. (If I remember, look there that should be a 2nd post not too long after this one!! If I manage it that’ll be amazing :P) C’s been doing this challange as well, it’s taken him most of the time to read the book that I’m currently on, he’s only just got his hands on a 2nd book. Although the bookshop did joke that he could just ask me what the other books are about.

Anyway I think that’s it for now.


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  1. catconnor

    Can you please get C to let us know your new address! (If he doesn’t keep us up to date we can’t send presents! lol) 🙂

    will be needing to send birthday-Christmas shortly as we’ve heard you’re having disruptions to your post over in London!
    Seem to be having some here too, although I think it’s just general slackness brought about by the lack of competition. NZ Post is a law unto itself and that’s not good for those of us wanting mail delivered!! LOL

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