So C thinks I’m going mad, and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I might be. Last night, I swear I heard a rustling sound, but C insisted that it’d just been him moving slightly, then when he’d popped out the room I heard another rustling sound, I sat up and I swear, I SWEAR I saw something grey flash past and vanish behind the dressing table. Now I’m not really scared of mice, I’ve saved quite a few from my cats over the years, but at the same time knowing that there is one in your bedroom, is just a little disturbing.  C didn’t really believe me when I told him there was a mouse, but we did ponder how it could have come in and the only thing we could think of was that possibly it came in through the back door when he’d had it open earlier in the day. Although the back door is up a steep step so… who knows.

So then I woke up this morning bout 5am ish, to hear a scuttling noise from the kitchen so I got up and pushed the bedroom door to, as I didn’t really want it back in the bedroom.  Since then I haven’t heard hide nor hair of it.  We did head out to look for a trap, no not a normal put cheese on and break the mouses back kind, one to just trap it and let it go outside. I just haven’t the heart to kill the poor thing.  The only things Wilkinson’s had though (cause really I’m not quite sure where you go to get such things these days.) were the back breaking traps, poison, or fancy ultrasonic devices that you plug into the mains and the noise is supposed to disorientate mice. So we currently have that plugged in, but so far there has been no sound of a disorientated mouse.

C is therefore quite sceptical that this mouse even exists, and thinks that I may just be mad an imagining it…. :S

In other news, work is going ok.  Since we’ve moved offices I no longer have a desk and am continually hot desking, which is quite annoying. I’ve nearly finished the project I’m working on which means I really need to start the other one that my manager wants me to do as I’d quite like to stay in this job for the time being.


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