Food Glorious Food…

So I’m coming up to a bit of a cross roads in my life, and to be honest I’m not quite sure what to do. I’m vegetarian, I have been sicne I was about 18, in fact this is the second time I’ve been veggi in my life. the first time was when I was 10 and that lasted hmm 4 years possibly. I became veggi that time becuase I’d been on a school trip to Pendarren, in Wales, and we’d been taken to an auction of farm animals, and well that rather put me off eating meat for a while. But then I started to miss bacon and I went back to eating meat, although funnily enough I mostly only ate chicken as I wasn’t even that big a fan of bacon.

The second time I became veggi was after I’d seen a programme on how they eat dogs in Korea. Now to my mind a dog is a cute animal used as a pet, possibly a work animal if it’s a husky or a sheep dog, but not really to be eaten. Thus I don’t really think I could ever bring myself to eat a dog, and yet I argued to myself, I can eat chickens because they are ugly?

To my mind, that was not a good argument , and so I became veggi.  And to be honest that’s been fine. Untill recently. I’ve come to the conclusion that a LOT of the veggi meat replacement stuff, just tastes like crap. And while quorn mince/pieces are alright, a) you really have to flavour them up as they don’t taste of anything and b) C doesn’t like it. So at the moment there is not much substance to our meals, pasta/rice and veg isn’t that filling. As C doesn’t like mushrooms either I’m starting to feel as if i’m lacking in proten a little bit too.

Watching cooking programes where they have a nice bit of meat in a delicious looking meal doesn’t help either. So maybe my solution is simple, I just start eating meat again, but in some ways I don’t really want to, plus it’s been so long since i’ve eaten meat that to be honest the thought of actually biting into a piece of meat is rather sickening.

I’m really not quite sure what to do, I guess just think it over a little more for now.



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2 responses to “Food Glorious Food…

  1. C’s the only one in the family who doesn’t like mushrooms! (Well apart from his Grandfather that is!)

    How about fish? If you feel the need for meat – it’s technically meat!

    Now back to the preparations for tomorrow – Killerbyte release BBQ – just made desserts.

    (It’s on Amazon, btw)

  2. chris

    Ground up nuts are good as are lentils and pulses. Have a look at veggie cook books when you’re over.

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