The first great Tyranid Battle

So I did my first proper Tyranid battle today, fighting C’s Eldar, and well.. initial reaction is, he pretty my decimated my troops with all his gun fire.  I lost both unit’s of genestealers in his first shooting phase, (that included my poor Broodlord, he didn’t get to hit anything.) Then over the 4 turns that we played I proceded to lose almost a whole unit of Hormogaunts (1 survived), and a lot gaunts, 3 warriors and 2, YES TWO Carnifex’s.  ALthough saying that I did very nearly did win, it was an objective match, I had one objectve, C had another, and before C’s last turn the last one was in contention between my carnifex and some of his troops, he managed however to kill that carnifex off with a power claw (he’d killed the other Carnifex in that fight off with a witch blade (that carnifex had taken damage previously before getting into that fight)).  I rolled so badly for those two carnifex’s that it was almost laugable.  I very nearly got a change to contend the objective C did have with my other carnifex, but by that point I had 1 Carnifex left, a smattering of Gaunts and 3 warriors, and well, he would have shot me to bits on his next turn.

So C did win that match, but it was quite a close run thing. What have I learnt from this? THat when I deploy, infiltration is probably going to get my genestealers killed, that I should stick all my gaunts in front, and probably have my Carnifex’s in front too, as they are quite hard to kill, and in theory (assuming the dice gods like you) they should hit quite hard.  Oh also that the barbed strangler is a pretty good gun against guardians. 🙂

What I also realised would be useful during the fight would be a 3rd barbed strangerler, and also some deep striking units to hit C’s army from behind, so I now have a Lictor to build.. hehehe.


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