And again its been way to long since I last updated, I keep saying to myself, oh I should blog this or that, but thats usually on the train to/from work and by the time I get home it’s slipped my mind or I can’t be bothered. Admitidly I’ve had a good excuse recently as I’ve finally moved out of my parents house and into my own flat with C.  It’s quite a nice flat, seperate bedroom to the kitchen, and with a reasonable amount of space. Although once we moved in we realised that it was quite dirty in places, whoever lived here before us was a bit of a slob, as there was bubble gum sticking a door mat to the floor, disgustingly dirty microwave and oven. But we’ve got things cleaned now and are settling in. The real big annoyance was the lack of phone line into the place, apparently when it was done up, the old phone lines were ripped up and the new ones were negletced, so we’ve gotten a mobile broadband package and are just going to do it that way, as in some ways its just easier.

On the knitting front I’ve FINALLY been able to start Vivian, my mum ordered the yarn for me for Xmas, but the company didn’t have enough, so she had to cancel the order and then re-order later. So I finally got the yarn a few weeks ago. Although I must confess I’ve made quickish progress on the top, I’m almost up to the sleeves. 🙂 I’m really enjoying the knit, there’s been a few places where I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but it’s going well so far, and the yarn is quite lovely. I’m using Louet, Riverside Chunky yarn in charcoal. (I am not yet set up in my new place to sort out taking photo’s and uploading them to flickr yet.)

In reply to Amy A’s comment on my about page, I do really mean to record some more stuff for librivox, I just have to many hobbies at the moment. Plus I need an actual computer to record onto, although I’m hoping to get that sorted.

Ack this is a bit of a jumpy post, as I’m just not really sure what to talk about at the moment, plus C wants his laptop back.


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