The day I disappeared

So I’ve had an eventful last few days. Tuesday I met up with C and a few friends for our RP game, we’re currently playing Scion. I got there about 5.45, C was already there sitting at a table. We usually sit in a booth but they were all taken, so it was just a table this time. I sat down, we ordered food, I started working on my Lunar, and food came. At about 6.15ish I realised that there was one person (maybe two sitting at the table behind us, and I started feeling a little uncomfortable. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the woman (who was sitting on the chair behind C) was sitting at a bit of a funny angle, but i sort of thought, maybe she was waiting for someone at the bar. Oh isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing, I should have looked at her, or something… At about 6.40 (the person had gone by now) I reched into my bag to check my phone to see if a friend had texted as I knew him and his gf were turning up a bit late.

And… well can u guess where this is going? Yup, No phone in bag, and no wallet either. I had several moments of panic, while C insisted that they couldn’t be stolen, as my bag had been sitting right between our chairs but…

So obviously I had to cancel my phone, which is what led to the rather crazy events the next day at work.

I got into work a bit later than usual (9.15 instead of 8.35 because I’d had to make a statement to the police over the phone that morning), and I was off on a site inspection with one of the Estate Supervisors that day. (I’m looking at making a system to make their jobs a little easier.) We were supposed to be going at 10, but we set off at 9.30 and I didn’t get back to the office till 12.  At which point my manager leaped at me and said ‘There you are, loads of people are looking for you!’ At which point I get told that because he hadn’t seen me come in he’d got worried, phoned my mobile (which of course was not repsonsive) then phoned Adecco. They phoned my house, but with no one in they could only leave a message. So no one was sure where I was.. (even though i had signed in!)

Thus I phoned up Adecco to say yes I’m ok, and then figured I should phone home to let my mum know to ignore the message on the answer machine from Adecco. However a couple of hours later I get a phone call at work from my mum, because she was worried as I’d spoken quietly on the phone and wanted to make sure I was ok!

It was all a bit crazy!

I was actually ok yesterday, it was today where I just felt horrid, and I blame that on a phone call I made. I got told by the police that I needed to phone the pub to ask them to check whether anything was even visible on the CCTV, to see if there was anything the police could do. So I phoned up the pub, and just, hit a wall of the most unhelpful and unsympathetic person I’ve ever spoken to. Maybe he didn’t understand me to well either but, I tried to explain what had happend and he said ‘I wasn’t in yesterday I don’t know anything about it’. Well ok.. doesn’t mean you can’t say something more along the lines of ‘Oh I’m so sorry about that, unfortunatly I wasn’t in yesterday.’

Then when i tried to explain what the police had told me, he just kept saying ‘we cannot check the cctv for you’. Which on the one side I do understand why they cant’ but on the other, he could have been A LOT nicer about it. In fact those two lines were about all he kept repeating to me.  I was torn between  crying and screaming down the phone at him, I know it wasn’t his fault, and its not the pubs fault but for fucks sake he could have offered a bit of sympathy. I even tried to give him the description of the woman I’d spoken to on Tuesday, but I hadn’t got her name and he didn’t evne offer anything helpful like ‘oh that’s so and so, i’ll just get her’ or something. It didnt really occur to me at the time to ask for a manager, i did ask if I could speak to someone else, but at the same time I couldn’t be arsed. That was the closest I’ve ever come to hanging up on someone. I phoned the police up after and explained it all to them, but.. yeah I think that phone call just really got to me. I just really wasnt in the best moods this morning.

And to top it all off, the police phoned back to say they’d contacted the pub, to be told that.. (and it’s this just bloody typical) the CCTV is broken. Seriously you wonder what IS the bloody point?



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4 responses to “The day I disappeared

  1. catconnor

    oh dear what a dreadful time you had!
    I hope you got everything sorted. Karma will get the thief.

    Can you poke C please! He hasn’t replied to any emails for awhile. And it makes me jumpy!
    I heard there is some dreadful snow storm in the UK – someone said London. Be nice if the prodigal son could check in with home!!

    Cat xx

    • kaitharshayr

      I have poked C and shall make sure he emails tomorrow 🙂 and yes it did snow a lot here, a couple of inches worth, nothing too bad (although the most snow that London’s had for about 18 years) just meant that public transport in London decided it couldn’t cope so there were no buses in London and most of the tube had delays and a lot of closed stations. Made it a snow day for most people as we just couldn’t get anywhere. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy listening to you on Librivox audio books….esp. liked
    Gulliver’s Travels….Keep up the good work.

  3. Forgot to mention that I too am sorry about the ‘rip-off’….from now on, keep a rat trap set in the purse!

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