Not really got that much to say at the moment, it’s all been a bit hectic in someways as I fall into the rythem of getting up for work in the morning and then getting home. All this working means that trying to juggle this myraid of hobbies I have is a bit awkward (Still I’m earning money so this is not really a complaint). Tuesday evenings are taken up by role playing, we’ve just started a Scion game, which is proving to be quite fun, after only two sessions, after Xmas we’ll probably end up alternating between that and Dark Heresy if our two other players become less busy. But Scion is a lot of fun. (Sometimes I wonder what ‘normal’ people think when they hear what plots and plans we discuss, like hunting down serial killers, or trying to protect magical zombie raising chalices which people might think is the holy grail.)

My knitting has slowed down, although I think once I’ve settled in a bit more at work I’ll start taking some socks in, probably after xmas at this rate. Although saying that I think I’ve already settled in in some ways. They’ve all been so friendly, had my xmas meal with them yesterday and am taking part in secret santa. As a company they do have a lot of temps thou, so it’s quite nice.

Hmm what else? Ohh ack I’ve really been negleticting my librivox recording, and tbh I probably need to get up to date with some projects, chase up readers and such. (I think I meant to do some of this the other weekend but it slipped my mind, and I’ve got to find a secret santa gift this weekend).

Finally don’t even get me started on my Tyranids… I haven’t touched them in weeks (I also really need to get a case for them too.) Oh well it’ll get done at some point.. C just keeps hasseling me about it, but.. I do like my Tyranids and I do want to paint them (and well I want to get and paint a chaos army too) but… I want to knit.. and er.. Knitting kind of wins that fight. Plus its cold and dark and painting is fiddly.


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