I’m alive!!

Ok so I suppose in the grand scheme of things it’s not been that long since I last posted but at the same time, I’ve been meaning to post for a while, things have just been a bit hectic.

I also think I’m feeling a bit lazy, I just started writing a whole lot of stuff and well its not really that interesting, the most important things I need to note are really.

1. I got a Distinction on my Masters, and I had my graudation on Monday. HAH! Yes I am exceptionally pleased with that. It makes me do a happy dance. 🙂

2. I got a job, (or at least a temp job that could go on for a while with the possibility of being perminant) so yaaay! It’ll be nice to get pay checks again! 🙂 It’s also sort of doing what I want to be doing too, database stuff, so double yay really! 🙂

Thus in celebration of this, I hit the shops today (I have a day off cause it’s their annual staff conference thing and well.. I’ve not even been there a week!). Got some cheapo smart trousers from Primark, which while regular lenght are ridiculasly long! Going to have to take those up, they were only a £5 though. On the other end of the scale I hit Marks and Sparks, and spent a fair bit. Luckily though they were having another 20% off day today, which made me both annoyed and happy at the same time. As it was quite busy but in the end I did save a decent amount on my purchase. Annoyingly shoes weren’t covered in that 20% off, so my new boots (which I think are pretty damn fab and I was eyeing them a few weeks before, but just couldn’t justify buying them) were quite expensive. Still hopefully they should keep my feet warm, ESPECIALLY when I’m waiitng for the bus to go to work.

Speaking of buses that reminds me, I ended up waiting for well over 45 mins for a bus to work yesterday. A bus did arrive at the bus stop shortly after I arrived at it, but got filled up with all the school kids at the stop (who didn’t want to move all the way down the bus thus serveral people, myself included had to wait…. and wait… and wait. Next bus turned up about 40 mins later, but was so full you couldn’t get on. I decided to walk it (I had walked the night before and it took me about 30 mins to walk. Thank goodness for working on Flexitime!), just as I was getting to the bus stop after the one I left, a bus turned up! Apparently the reason for the long wait was a burst watermain. Fun. I really wish the bus stop I go to had a screen that tells you how long till the next bus, as I could have just walked to work instead. I finally make it to work only to discovere the heating wasn’t really working. It took me a long while to warm up.

All this standing about in the cold has also made me realise i should knit some more socks. As they’ll be a lot warmer for my feet than thin cotton ones.


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