What a surprise, knitting content! :P

It’s really easy to think to yourself that you need to blog and then to let other things get in the way and take over *cough*Fallout 3*cough*.

So I have FINALLY blocked Laminaria. YAY me. The whole process has made me realise that I really need to get hold of a large amount of gingham, 1″ by 1″ squares, as my god it would be much easier to measure something like this out using that. But I did manage it ok I think. 🙂

laminaria blocking

Here’s a close up shot.
laminaria blocking2

To be honest I still really need to take a picture of me actualy wearing it. I do think that maybe I didn’t quite use the best yarn, I think it might be a little too verigated for the pattern. But oh well I still love it, it was a great pattern to knit.  Although I must confess I have already sort of broken it.. well not broken it, but I seem to have pulled one stitch quite badly. :/

What I have to figure out though, is where on earth I’m going to store this and other shawls I intend to knit. (Heh I like knitting lace, and yet I’m not sure I’m going to be wearing shawls that often… but well yeah I like knitting lace :P)

Also I finally gave my friend the present I’d been knitting for her.

Woodland shawl pre-blocking
Pattern: Woodland shawl

Yarn: Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn

Needles: 4mm.

woodland shawl blocking

I did enjoy knitting this pattern, although in hindsight now I think I would have cast on a few less stitches and made the scarf longer. To my tastes at least it’s a bit too wide and short, but I think (hope) my friend likes it. I didn’t actually use all my yarn up either, there’s only so many repeats you can do before you have to decide that you just need to declare it finished so that you can gift it.

In other knitting news, I’m making progress on Lily, I’ve got the top nearly done shall be casting on for the sleeves, and then comes the hard part, knitting sleeves and top together. >_<  I’ve also got some mittens for a friend to do, I’ve made one, need to start the other. It’s a new experiance for me as I’m making these, Broad Street Mittens, I’ve never done fingers or a proper thumb before, and it’s gone quite well I think, but man there’s a lot of ends to sew in!

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