A little bit of patience never hurt anyone.

Ok this is going to be a a bit of a rant, but some poeple really need to learn some patience, especially when their damned impatience inconveniances others.

My mum stopped for petrol on the way to shopping, it was quite busy so there was a bit of a wait to get to the pumps, then a car moves, and the car in front of us goes to the first pump and we pull up to the second. (So essentially there at the same time.) The lady in front of us fills her car up and goes to pay, my mum fills our car up and goes to pay. The lady in front of us comes out and drives off. My mum pays, starts to come out of the shop and some fucktard decideds that he just abosolutly cannot be bothered to wait just a few more minutes and that for some reason him and his precious fucking car have to have petrol THEN AND THERE, and decides to drive into the space right in front of us.

As my mum gets into the car I point out that we now can’t leave. There are cars at the pumps next to us, and another car right behind us, so we can’t even back out. She sort of gestures at the guy saying ‘well how are we supposed to get out?’ he just gives this look and goes to fill up his car. A part of me wonderes if maybe I should have gotten out and had words with this retard, polite words along the lines of “Excuse me but you DO realise that you are not only holding US up who were just about to leave, but also the people behind us. You only had to wait ONE MINUTE.” Like thats going to kill him… *sigh*

I suppose that might of made things worse, but geeze, honestly.

Ok rant over… I have knitting related things to post but I shall do that later. 🙂


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