knitting update

Because well… it’s long over due.

First of is this:

cthulhu dice bag2

Pattern: Cthulhu Dice Bag

Yarn: Left over Acrylic

Needles: 5mm.

A quick and easy knit, although itcame out a lot bigger than I thought it was from the pattern pictures. Made this for a friend of mine, as I’ve been wanting to make him something for ages, but he’s a bit awkward as scarfs and such would make him too hot. A dice bag was the only way to go, and since he’s a bit of an evil GM Cthulhu seemed appropriate. >:) Second:

leaf lace

Pattern: Leaf Lace Scarf

Yarn: 1/2 Skien Mmmmmmalbrigo


Made this to use up my Malabrigo left over from Juno Regina , I started it in July and had it finished in August or so, but only got around to blocking it yesterday. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, whether to keep it for myself or gift it… It’s amazing how much this opened up and became light and airy after blocking. 🙂


winter twilight mitts finished

Pattern: Winter Twilight Mitts

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids – Black – (Not even half a skien.) NH Knitting Mama Yarns Superwash Merino Fingering – Green (hmm… 0.25 of a skien?)

Needles: 2.25

Heh I love these gloves, I had to fiddle a bit with the thumbs as I realised that while I’d reduced the number of stitches for the main body of the gloves I forgot to do the same for them. But in the end they have worked out great and after blocking them are snug enough to keep my hands warm but loose enough to get on and off easily. Their fantastic!



Pattern: Herringbone Neckwarmer

Yarn: Dream in Colour Classy – Deep Sea Flower

Needles: 8mm

I decided a while back that I wanted a neckwarmer, and when I saw this yarn at the socktopus stand at Ally Pally I knew what it was destined for, plus at 250yards there was enough for a neckwarmer and a hat. (Also I haven’t made the neckwarmer as long as the pattern wanted so def should have enough.). So here is the neckwarmer, it just needs buttons now and for me to sew the ends in. Have started on the hat and progress is going well, I also managed to pick two patterns that pretty much use the same stitch type. I am really liking this yarn too its soo soft. 🙂

Other knitting news:

Lily is going well, still on bust increases though (finishing off gloves/something for friend/neckwarmer took precedent.)

I am planning on (FINALLY) blocking my laminaria (god I’m ashamed, I just looked through previous posts, my last post on this was JUNE 4th! I think I finished knitting it around the end of July and its just been sitting around waiting for me to block it. I’ve also (as I just mentioned) finally finished something for a friend, I shall hopefully give it to her this Sunday, then I’ll finally be able to post about it and put it up on Ravelry!

Having blocked two things in the last few days I’ve realised I really need to get hold of some gingham, it’d make my life so much easier knowing that I’m pinning everything to the same length without needing to use the tape measure every few seconds.

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