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So this may end up turning into a long and picture heavy post, as I want to sum up my trip to Hull last week with C, and our walk around London on Friday.

As per my last post about what knitting project to take to Hull I decided on taking Lilly as I figured it would just be easier. So me and C caught the train on Friday night up to Liverpool to A’s. (Seriously I wonder if I should come up with better nick names for people using their first initial just almost seems silly and could get confusing? Oh well.)

(Also going to cut the page here as its a long post)

We set off for Hull just after 10am on Sat, and almost hit trouble before we left Liverpool, as A discovered that the car had a flashing warning light on. Which indicated that something was up with the electronics… possibly. After checking that he did have his card for the AA (or RAC I’m not sure) we continued on the way to Hull. The car did manage to get us to Hull and back to Liverpool, but there was definitely something wrong with it, as it lacked power and was shaking. I’ve asked A to let me know what’s wrong with it when his parents find out. I think the theory is that one of the pistons or something went.

Anyways, here’s a shot so you can see where we were going. Don’t forget me and C had already had a 2 and a half hour train journey from London to Liverpool the night before. And its about 3 hours to Hull. So a lot of traveling!

We got stuck in traffic for an hour just past Manchester, giving me time to actually notice this sign. (I’ve been on this motorway before just clearly going to fast to ever notice this)

Not 100% sure as to what happened to cause the traffic but there was a burnt out bus at the point where the jam ended.

The boys bought lots of sweets when we stopped for Lunch (I’m amazed I actually ate Burger King for the first time in years, there wasn’t really anything else. And yes the Veggi burger wasn’t particularly enjoyable.) The sweets were handed to me and I was dubbed Keeper of the Sweets.

Once we finally got to Hull (it took 5 hours, what with traffic and getting lost at Hull due to bad google directions and not so good sign posting) we had a good weekend at N&K’s house. We all spent the weekend, eating junk food, playing Rock Band (which C has decided is a good game and we should get.. need a 360 first thou), some Zombie Flux (Flux is a very good card game where the rules change as you play new rules cards, Zombie flux is a better and MUCH more fun version of the original. I highly recommend people play it.) and watching a few movies.

Me and C made it back to London on Monday night, it was a good if tiring weekend. 🙂

And so onto Friday (I could have split this into two posts but I decided not to.) I’ve been meaning to take C to various spots around London, we keep making plans to maybe go to London Zoo or to the theater or something. So I’d decided that we’d go walk around central London on Friday and that we’d leave around 10am. While the walk did happen we didn’t leave anywhere near the time I’d originally hoped for.

C wanted to make sure I phoned up PC Specialist to get a new motherboard for the PC, as well there can be no playing of Fallout 3 until I do so. Clearly though Friday morning is not the day to do this, as it took two iterations of their call waiting msg till I spoke to someone, who told me they didn’t have my specific motherboard in stock and wouldn’t for a few weeks, but that I could get the upgraded version for £85 including postage, and that I could phone back after having a look up about it online. I said ok, because well I do want to know what I’m putting in my machine (although the fact that the price for this motherboard is £15 less than what i was quoted for a replacement for mine is also nice). Thus when I phoned back it took 3 iterations of the message before I got through. So I bought my new motherboard it arrives tomorrow, fingers crossed that it worked.

Anyway getting back off that tangent, all that meant that it was about 1pm and C was rather grumpy about going for the walk, saying it was too cold and too late. I being determined that we should go for this walk as we’d been looking forward to it persisted and we left the house. It wasn’t a great start as the train into town was about 20 mins late due to signal problems. But once we got to Moorgate things got better.

We wondered to St Pauls Cathedral, popped into the entrance briefly, but its about £10 to actually go and look properly inside, and well, thats a little expensive. Still gave us a feel for how big it is inside. (Though I have been inside before when i went to the Ordination of a friend of my mums).

We then wondered across the Millennium bridge (the only only for pedestrians) to the Tate Modern. (It used to be a power station)

Had a quick look inside, I must confess to not being a huge fan of art museums, but I do like some of the surrealist stuff, I think C likes them more then I do, although he says it’s depends what they have in them.

Coming out of the Tate this sign amused me, it went around a corner so unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of it all, but it says ‘Temporary Eyesore’.

Next to the Tate is the Globe Theater, I will have to take C to a show there next year, although it isn’t the most comfortable theater to sit in. 🙂 Still there’s always the standing section.

We then walked onwards towards Tower Bridge, on the way we went through lots of narrow streets, past London Bridge and HMS Belfast. It’s a cruiser that is now a museum, I’ve been on it before its very cramped to get around (unsurprisingly) but very interesting.

So here’s Tower Bridge. (please note that this is NOT the same bridge as London Bridge. London bridge is just a plain old bridge.)

Tower bridge is of course situated next to the Tower of London, I shall have to take C around here next year, I haven’t been in years either. 🙂

It took us about 2 hours to do this walk, and I’m pretty sure C enjoyed himself, the end of the trip was somewhat spoiled again by the travel. We got to Monument and discovered that the guy at the newsagents hadn’t actually given us a one day travelcard on our Oysters but instead had topped it up as pay as you go (which will cut off at travel card price if you spend enough on travel). I KNOW that this is what the Oyster card does, the whole reason I’d asked for a zone 1-4 travel card is because the train we took in doesn’t have pay as you go readers installed on it yet, it’s only good for travel cards. Which mean that we had to take the long way back on the Tube, and then Kings Cross station was closed so we had to take a few more changes before we got home. I have therefore determined that I won’t buy a travel card from that newsagents again because well I asked for a travel card, and the man just made an assumption about how I was traveling and didn’t give me want I asked for.

I know in some ways, having worked as a shop assistant, I should possible be more forgiving of mistakes, but.. well really.

Anyway I don’t want to end the post on an annoyed note, so needless to say me and C had a good day otherwise, and walking around London is pretty fun, even if I felt like a Tourist in my own city because I kept taking photos. 🙂


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  1. Cat

    How fabulous!
    I’m glad C is getting to see some of London at last!!


    Sounds like a good time had by all. (Never mind his grumping about the cold!!)

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