So I’m going away for the weekend with C, the plan was to go to Liverpool but we’re now going to Hull via Liverpool for a friends house-warming. (I’d already brought the non-refundable train tickets soo… it’s a bit of a pain but nvm.)

Now however I have a decision to make. What knitting project to take with me?!

I could take Lily


Which I FINALLY cast on for a few days ago (My size 4 circulars had been busy on another project which, tbh I really should have finished by now, but I haven’t. I finally brought some size 4 Harmony Straight Needles at Ally Pally so I swapped the needles over.) Anyway I’ve cast on, and I’ve now done 3 repeated of the lace pattern, so I’ve done the waist and am starting on the bust increases. Now this knit requires me to make damn sure I count the rows I’ve done (I’m normally not the greatest at doing this) because I have to finish on the same row for the top as I do for the sleeves. What I’ve got to do at the moment however isn’t too complex so.. it wouldn’t be to hard to do on train/car/sitting talking to people.

My other option is to take my Winter Twilight Mitts


I’ve finished one, but I really need to get the other done (especially as it’s getting cold). I can sort of feel second sock syndrome coming along with this (except obviously its mitten syndrome). However while I really would like to get this finished to keep my hands warm (because these are a lot better fitting than any other mittens I’ve made for myself) I’m rather unsure about doing colourwork, along with using dpns on a train/car. Plus the colourwork can be quite distracting if I make a mistake or am trying to remember what I did with the first one. (because I have a feeling the first has some extra rows and I did cut out 4 stitches from the pattern to make it fit.)

So yeah… am unsure. It might be Lily I think… Hmmm choices choices.


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