Faster, easier but more expensive… or slower, a hassle but cheaper… ?!

So.. which would you pick?

Over emails with PC Specialist we’ve pretty much determined that my motherboard has more than likely packed in. (The BIOS wasn’t starting, I’d have to turn the power on and off at the mains to get it started. Did I blog about that? I can’t remember now, I must have.) Anyway because I only (and annoyingly) had a 1 year Warranty on it, I am now out of warranty by about 2 months. As such they obviously can’t just replace my motherboard. I rang them up and was told I could buy one of the motherboards they had left that’s the same one as mine for £99 + shipping, so a total of £105. I said I’d have to call them back the next day just to think on it a bit. But seriously, I need this motherboard and I don’t think it’s really available anywhere else because Asus has a newer one out.

It did occur to me though to ask what would happen if this newer motherboard also died. Would it be covered under any sort of warranty. To which I was told (by a different guy on the Tuesday) that it should be covered under the manufacturers warranty, which is about 2 years. This made me ask, ‘Oh, well then would my current drive still be covered by that? Is there anyway I can replace that one by that?’ The answer I got was yes, I could send my motherboard back to them, they could test it to make sure it was broke, before getting it replaced with the manufacturer. I asked how long this would take from when they received my motherboard, about 3 weeks was the reply. I said Ok, I’ll do that then, thanks so much.

But thinking about it now, I’ve realised I don’t quite know enough about the innards of my computers to know exactly what to send back. I mean obviously the board, but whether there is any extra gubbins on it that also need to be sent back.  I also need to find an anti-static bag from somewhere to send it back in, and figure out what the hell I’m going to keep all the other bits in for approximately a month while I wait for a new Motherboard. So.. if I’m going to send an email to them today just to ask what exactly I need to send back, but if I don’t get a reply till say… Monday, then I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the motherboard out and post it. As I’ll want my dad’s help, and I’m away next weekend so I won’t really be able to do anything till Halloween weekend. Which means that I won’t be able to get my PC fixed till near to Dec.

Hence my current dilemma. Fork out the money and get my motherboard next week, OR try and get it exchanged via warranty and just spend ages waiting… :/ 😦

I must say it is stressing me out a little, cause I have to balance this with trying to sort out job applications and write goddamn cover letters. What. Fun.


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