Go Red Squirrel, GO!

Some things just make me happy, and considering all the stuff that’s in the news it’s quite nice to see something like this.

Ray of hope for the red squirrel

Some (8) of the Red squirrels looked at in a study have developed an immunity to the nasty disease the Grey Squirrel’s give them (and as they’ve had no immunity till now, it kills them). Which is pretty fantastic news.

The grey squirrels turned up here at the beginning of the 20th century from America. There are now (according to the article) about 2.7 mil Greys and only 211,000 Reds left. The grey’s breed faster, have more pups (is that the right word?) per litter, are more adaptable to environment and what they can eat, and carry that disease which they are immune to but reds weren’t.

So it’s good news and I hope it doesn’t take too long for them to get a virus (and hopefully they’ll find more Red Squirrels also now have the immunity to.) 🙂


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