Job hunting websites..

So I’m busy with job hunting at the moment.. and on my god some of them are the most annoying things in the world.


Graduate-jobs I’m looking at YOU in particular. I remember last year when I tried to sign up to you and I couldn’t because you offered me stupid drop down boxes to select my degree type and result from. You had BSc and MSc listed but no OTHER option, and my MSci (please not the i) was more than a BSc and less than an MSc, and maybe it was stubborn and silly of me but I wasn’t going to lie and say that I had an MSc and nor was I going to claim a BSc seeing as its NOT what I have. Additionally now that I have tried to apply to a job through you I do not appreciate your radio buttons for a Yes/No selection to whether I have the recommended skills. Oh I see why they are there. But when you ask me if I have a 2.1.. well no unfortunatly I didn’t get that at Undergraduate, but I DO now have a Masters (or will soon) so… surely that trumps the previous requirement? But I get no option to say that. I wish you would stop trying to pigeon hole people. Its really annoying.

Monster… well you just don’t really seem to have many Graduate jobs, on top of that its’ a real bitch to navigate your site sometimes, and then also when random links don’t want to work but others do? It’s just anonying.

Ok and breath. </Rant>


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