New camera = Happy Bunny

So I bought a new Camera at the weekend, the Pentax Optio M50, and I have to say I’m already really liking this thing. I did a bit of research before I bought it, looking for a decent compact camera that was less than £150, and this one had some pretty good reviews. My camera history before this is not very extensive, I got a Canon Powershot A40 back in.. 2000???? as a Christmas present.  Well way back when digital cameras were just starting. Its big, bulky, has the tiniest LCD screen you can imagine, and ate through the 4 AA batteries it used like they were simply starters. Oh and I couldn’t delete individual images it was all or nothing. I was never particularly fond of it, although the fact that I could transfer pictures to my PC wihtout waiting to finish off a film and then EVENTUALLY send it off to get them printed was VERY much appriciated.

It did however mean I didn’t take my camera to very many places and relied on other people taking photos etc. So when I realised I needed to get a new phone last year I went for one that had a camera in it. And I must confess that for the last year this has sort of served my purpose fine to an extent. (The pictures aren’t always great, the colour can be off and a bit blurry but at least I can take pictures when out and about.) However as I have started to take more photos of knitting and other things, I came to the conclusion that my camera phone just wasn’t cutting it, it was slow and took me ages to sort out getting a nice photo. I’ve even borrowed my mum’s camera on occasion but I’m not comfortable using it. Hence the Pentax.

I have to say I am majorly impressed with it. Its got a very simple interface, no having to go to a menu to get to the flash menu I can just jump straight there, same with the timer and the mode and the focus.

I’d just like to note here, that it is painfully obvious from the above that I’m behind the times on just what camera’s can do, so I suspect some of the features that this camera has have been available for quite some time on many others. Ah well they are very nice features.

Panorama mode of my back garden. Its great, I take a picture then it gives me a transparant image of one side of it so that I can line the pictures up, and then it stitches them all together. 🙂

I can’t say what this is a picture of, as its a surprise for someone, but I think the colours came out quite well, if a little blury. Clearly I need to play around with what the best mode to take photo’s of knitting is, but I’m already quite happy, as this was the first photo I attempted to take of this. 🙂 (I took this on the food mode of the camera.. yes there is a food mode… for high saturation to make the food look more appatizing, apparently.)

A close up of my Tyranid Warrior (Left), can we just compare this with the phone attempt (Right). A much better looking picture, shaprer and truer to the colours!! Fantastic! 🙂

I have to say there are some odd features on this camera thou, for instance I can change the sounds played for start up, or the shutter etc, the first options is generally a the standard noise you’d expect, the 2nd is something a bit more fancy, the 3rd.. its a cat meow. I mean I am a cat person but wtf?

Still I like what i’ve got on this camear so far, now I just have to get used to using the different modes etc. Also the fact that both the camera and the software it comes with can do things like reduce red eye and that the software can adjust things like the levels, is really nice. 🙂


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