Games Workshop: Gamesday 2008

(This is why I need to get hold of my own camera (I now have) because it takes me ages to get pictures sorted when they are on my mum’s and I need to get them to my machine but anyway here is the post i was making the DAY AFTER Gamesday. Enjoy. Also the post is a bit picture heavy.)

So I was going to make a post last night, but when I got back I was just tooo damn tired. I mean sorting photos out and coming up with coherent sentences? It wasn’t going to happen. We got back in time for me to watch the new BBC telling of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, which I must confess I’ve never watched, read or listened to, so this should be interested, before I crawled into bed at 10.

So perhaps I should rewind a bit and tell you where me and C went for the day? To the Games Workshop games day at the Birmingham NEC. We opted to take the coach that our local Games Workshop had orgainsed, which meant we paid a little more, but seriously it was just easier plus as we only got our tickets a week ago I very much doubt the train would have been cheaper. Plus, while I’m not 100% sure I’d bet that Virgin trains were probably doing engineering works (again) which would have made it a b***h of a journey. So we left on the coach for Birmingham at 6.30am, arriving at the NEC just after 9. We made one stop on the way at Oxford services, where there were several other coaches, all clearly also on their way to the NEC.

We got there at a pretty good time, meaning that we weren’t too far back in the queue from the entrance, the doors opened at 10am and I think we actually got into the gamesday area at about 10.30. In fact on the way in we saw a kind of odd, but neat and something that does make sense at a convention centre, vending machine. One which wasn’t full of sweets and crisps, but with batteries, memory cards, usb sticks, dvds & cds, cables and mice.

(See we weren’t too far from the actual entrance to the place.)

Once we got in, I figured we’d try and head straight to the Forge World stuff, as the manager for our local store on the coach had mentioned that it just gets so horribly busy there, and as we’d got in reasonably early we might be able to see something. Unfortunately we didn’t quite realise were it was in relation to the entrance and so walked right past it and to the other end of the hall, where we discovered what we think may have been one of the best bits of the convention. A stall selling Β£5 mystery boxes and lots of old Warhammer stuff really cheap. So we both picked up a mystery box each, each box has 4 random blister packs.Β  We got some pretty neat models, Eldar Harliquins, 2 Tallarn Rough Riders, 4 Robed Space Marines,Β  4 Officers of a Russian looking imerpial guard regiment, I’m not sure which one? and a demon host. πŸ™‚ We went back later and got 2 more mystery boxes as well as a Β£2 copy of the special edition of Warhammer 40k.. Β£2?! Can’t argue with that! πŸ™‚ We weren’t so lucky with our 2nd lot of boxes, they both had Lord of the Rings stuff, a Gandolf, Boromir, Haldir and random Elf, 4 Uraki (sp??) and… 3 yes… THREE models of the same Legolas.. 😐 luckily some of the people on our coach DO play lotr, and so we got rid of some of the models. Although we still have 2 Legoli, and 4 Uraki.. not sure what we’re going to do with them. Anyone want one? We realised we should have got more boxes earlier, ah well. πŸ™‚

After that we had a wonder rough, managed to see some of the Forge world stuff, my god the Titans are so BIG!! I mean I know they say they are big but you don’t appreciate HOW BIG till you see them. Look!

Battle scene Imperial Guard vs…? I’m not sure

A Reaver Titan

Close up shot of the fortress.

Tyranids vs Space Marines, for the Anphelion Project, Imperial Armour Vol 4 from Forge World. I may well have to get my mits on that book at some point theres some nice Tyranid stuff in there. πŸ™‚

(Left to Right) Tyranid Trygon, Malanthrope , Hierophant. Just to give you an idea of how freaking BIG a Hierophant is(!)

Sorry some of these pic’s are so dark, am not used to using my mum’s camera. These pictures were actually a lot darker too, I’ve adjusted the levels to make it possible to see stuff. Couldn’t really fix the blury one!

There was also lots of random games going on, here are a couple of pictures:

Waaaaagh! Battle ship.

Isn’t it great? An actual ship. I forget who they were fighting, (Space Marines I think, or might have beenΒ  a mix of Marines and Imperial Guard), but they were based at an actual dock.

Heh Life size 40k models.I’ve no idea why I didn’t take a photo of the Space Marines the Orks were fighting… Oh well.

Racing. πŸ™‚

Tanks! This was just a giant tank battle, Imeprial Guard vs Orks. πŸ™‚

Annoyingly I am POSTITIVE I took some more photos of other games going on, some Eldar Vs Tyranids, and a big fight between the Tomb Kings and the Undead, which had a giant sphynix and such. However they seem to have vanished. 😦

Now for some other random pics:

Ork Battle wagon.

Thats one big gun, I would suspect there aren’t rules for this in 40k, because otherwise that’d be pretty nasty!

The people who make warhammer originally started off which historical battles, their new supplimant is the the Great War and this is a scene from Galliple.

Thats pretty much all the pictures, overall it was a good if rather tiring day. It got to abot 2pm and both of us just ran out of energy, luckily the power of coca-cola did revive us. Hurrah for sugar. I wasn’t too impressed with the awards ceremony for the Golden Demon has the way they set their big screen up made it almost impossible to see the actual figures. The screen had a bright white background, with the large logo for the Gamesday at the top and the name of the award at the bottom, meaning the pictures were squashed in between with no way to help contrast them. The best we could make out was ‘I think thats an.. Ork?’ :/ So will have to wait till I can find a report and pictures either online or in White Dwarf.

Finally the guys from our Games Workshop had set up a quiz, we were supposed to be in teams of 6, but the other 4 people in our team contributed NOTHING. Still with just me and C, and C somehow dredging up 10 year old memories of what certain things were we managed to come joint 3rd with 39 poitns (I think) the winners got a rather large 59, so we had no real hope of winning there. Some of the questions in the quiz were pretty tricksey, such as how many elves turn up at Helms Deep in the book.

I’d definitley consider going again, those mystery boxes were fab! πŸ™‚


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