The never ending project

So the work on my thesis progresses, and it’s nearly done I hope. Its strange, or well maybe not so strange, but every time I’ve had a project meeting with my supervisor I’ve been really rather nervy that she won’t like what I’ve done or will think I haven’t done enough. I got similar feelings while I was doing my Undergrad project too. I know I tend to worry too much, and I don’t really need to. My project supervisor is quite nice, I suppose she can seem a bit intimidating but she’s actually really helpful, always has some constructive words about where I’ve gone wrong or where I should extend certain bits of the work. Its VERY helpful and I don’t think I’d be so satisfied with my work if I hadn’t had that.

However saying all that the words you don’t want to hear on the phone on a Monday night when Thursday is the deadline is. “I think you need to add a bit more about your application, because I know you’ve done a lot of work on this, but you also need to show the moderator too. Add a few more query examples.” (That was the gist of it at least.) Now I know this is constructive and helpful, and to be honest I think (hope) I added most of this last night although I’m going to have to send it to her again today just to check that its ok. But at the same time when she said that my heart sank! And I had this horrible Gaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! feeling.

I just want to be able to look at the project and go it’s done, I can print it off and just not care any more ever! (Ok so that’s not really true I’ll have a viva on Monday so I need to do a presentation for that, but at least the paper work is in by then. )

I’m tired, fedup and a bit grumpy.

I can’t wait till the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally going to buy myself a lot of yarn to congratulate myself!


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