Winter Twilight Mitts

So I’ve started knitting myself a new pair of mitts, as I’m not happy with either pair I’ve made myself so far. I saw this patter for Winter Twilight Mitts and decided that that was the pattern for me. I realised that I would be able to use up some yarn from my Kaleidoscope cardigen but that I would have to get hold of some black fingering yarn. I decided to go for Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid.  The pattern however calls for lace weight yarn and I’m using fingering weight. I originally cast on using the needles called for in the pattern 2.5mm, however after a few rows of ribbing I could already tell that that was going to be too big. So I switched to 2mm needles to do the ribbing, I find these needles a bit too small to work comfortably on, so once I’d done the ribbing I switched back up to 2.5mm, as I usualy have a tight guage I thought this would be ok. Also the pattern tells me to do the ribbing for 1.5″ however to me the pattern didn’t look long enough so I added an extra half inch.

So heres what it looks like so far, looking ok right?
Winter Twilight Mitts 2

Well.. now take a look at this one:

Winter Twilight Mitts

Can you see the bulging on the right? Its too big for me around the arm, also I know you can’t see it from this picture but I’ve got another 10 rows before I start increasing for the thumb guesset which means it is going to be really really long. 😐

I’m not quite sure what to do, whether I should maybe keep going to the thumb guesset to see exactly how long it is and by how much it doenst fit. Or whether I shoud rip back to the ribbign and start agian on size 2mm needles (urgh that thought does not fill me with joy.. ribbing it back is one thing its just the  knittin gon 2mm that gets me). So.. yeah.. hmmmmmm. I shall have to think on this.

Seriously why is it whenever I make gloves for myself I always end up making ones that are too big? I’ve either used a needle size to big or my yarn is wrong. *rolls eyes*

Edit: Also having looked at some of the finished ones on Ravelry, some people have used fingering weight with 2.5mm needles and they look fine on their arms, no strange bulges… do I just have strangly thin wrists? C certainly likes to tell me so from time to time, I guess he can just about hold my wrist with his thumb and little finger. Does that make my wrists small?



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2 responses to “Winter Twilight Mitts

  1. I would start over and knit a gauge swatch. I’m sorry to say it, but sometimes there’s just no way around it 🙂

    Using YOUR yarn and YOUR favorite needles, knit a swatch, both ribbing and stockinette (or whatever is used for these mitts). Figure out how many stitches/rows per inch you get. Now, you can just change the numbers in the pattern to suit your own gauge and skinny wrists! (I have skinny little wrists and feet, so I always have to alter patterns).

  2. kaitharshayr

    Ack, oh well guess I shall have to sort that out tomorrow/Thursday. The only problem is that I’m working off a chart pattern for them so its not so easy to modify them, oh well shall do the gauge first and see what I get.

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