Dum de dum dum, yup that’s right I’m now up to 8,800 words (word limit is 15,000) can you tell I’m in a better mood to my post the other day? Ok so I’ve still got a fair bit to write, and a LOT to do for little tiding up bits (I think that’s always the worst really tiding up references, figures, contents all that boring stuff) but I’m feeling ok on it all again. I wonder how long it will last. *rolls eyes*

There was a power cut yesterday at about 2pm, just as I was going to get back down to work (or attempt to get to work) needless to say I was not impressed when my pc just died on me. Nor was I impressed when I realised that my laptop was out of battery. Luckily my mum’s was fully charged so I sat down with that and found that I’d written around about a 800 words before the power came back on, about an hour later. So it would seem that a power cut is the perfect thing to get my writing skills flowing..? Or maybe it was the lack of other distractions like the internet. 😉

Anyway I’ve also decided that I adore my mum’s laptop. Mine is a big heavy 15″ laptop, to overpowered for its own good really so the batteries aren’t great. I’m not really sure what the spec’s are on my mum’s one but its 12″ and I just love the size of it! Its great for sitting down with it on your lap to type. I do have to try and make sure my hand doens’t hit the track pad constantly otherwise I get very broken up sentences but aside from that its fab. Its made me realise that I’d quite like a smallish laptop and then my friend pointed out that there are now laptops like this around. Is it not cute? I may have to save up some money once I get a job to get one, and then figure out what to do with my old laptop.. need to figure out what to do with my old pc too. The motherboard (or at least from what I can remember, it was a year ago) was starting to die and everything else in there is pretty damn old. I may take the HD out and keep that, and then figure out what to do with the rest of the bits.


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