Does anyone have a map?

I suddenly have the overwhealming feeling of just being rather lost with my thesis. Its not that I don’t know what I need to write about, because I do but I’m getting to that stage where everything is getting that bit harder to write, I’ve written all the easy stuff. Additionally I know that if I could sit down and have a good day I could probably get this whole rough copy done by Thursday/Friday and then I’d have a week or so to tweak. But I dunno right now I’m just feeling….. I don’t know what.

I am writing at the moment, but just a short while ago I suddenly had this massive brain fade where I couldn’t remember what DSS stood for. I mean its a core thing for data warehousing and data mining and I couldn’t remember! It stands for Decision Support System, and don’t ask me why I hadn’t written that down in my paper yet, all I’d written to date was DSS repeatidly. >_<

So yeah I feel a bit lost, fed up and I’d really like a job and some money. *sigh* Just got to hold on till the 25th… nearly there. (You know it was due on the 15th, of which I was on track for and then there was a 10 day extension).


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