So I’ve very nearly finished my February Lady Sweater, I’ve got about half a sleeve left to knit, so I went out to buy some buttons today, because I’ve decided that I may well wear it to the Games Workshop Gamesday. Which means that I probably won’t have time to block it as I expect I’ll finish the sleeve on Thurs or Friday. In fact I’m a bit worried about blocking it, I’ve seen mention that it grows quite a bit with blocking, and I don’t think cotton will grow that much, but at the same time, its fitting pretty damn well at the moment. Oh well I don’t really think I can get away with never washing it. 😉

So buttons, what I tend to do is rummage through my mum’s tub of buttons, find one that’s the right size and then take that with me when I go button shopping, it’s the easiest way for me to know if the one’s I like are an ok size. The one that I found was this.

Its not actually a black button, its dark brown, and nice and chunky and a good contrast with the colour of the cardigan which is exactly what I wanted, too bad there was only one of them.

So I headed off to Liberty’s today, I always get nervous about going there, I think it’s because I haven’t gone very much and it is quite a pokey shop in some ways. Hard to find the stairs/lifts (well I know their at the back but still its not obvious like say the esculators in John Lewis). But they do have a much better button selection than JL. So I went in, hoping to find something the right size and a nice dark wood colour. Unfortuantly I didn’t find anything, but I did find these.

They are wood at least and the right size and gosh aren’t they CUTE?! I saw them hummed and ahh’ed a bit and then decided that yes I think they would go perfectly with the cardigan. 🙂  Although C has apparently told me that he doens’t like the cardigan.. he’s not sure if its because of the colour or because of.. well something else. Oh well he doesn’t have to wear it. 😛

(Btw I apologise for the quality of my spelling, for some reason my Firefox spell checker isn’t working and I have to confess I do rely quite heavily on it as I’m terrible at spelling.)

Also, I just had to post a quick screen shot of the Paralympics Medals table on the BBC. I doubt that’s where we’ll finish, but isn’t that bloody brilliant?! 😀 And amusingly I just heard that the GB team made sure to fly out Yorkshire Tea and Jaffa Cakes for the athletes as they were lacking from the facilities in Bejing.

I’m wondering if 2012 may become a bit of a disapointment, after all this? I hope not. 🙂 I’m definitly going to see some events then. It should be great fun! 🙂


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